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3 "Budget Friendly" Pool Organization Tips

Tip One: Hanging Hooks

These hooks are perfect for keeping pool accessories organized. We use them in multiple ways and have them on the back porch. Here are a couple of items we hang on the hooks:

- Life jackets/floaties

- Wet swimsuits/ or trunks

- Guest Pool Bags

- Hats

Click for the link.

Tip Two: Plastic Bucket for Towels

One of our biggest pet peeves when it comes to our kids and the pool is the fighting over the towels. It does not matter if the towel is dry, wet, dirty, or clean, they just throw it on the table or over a chair. So when it comes time to dry off, no one remembers which towels were used or not. Our solution is using a bucket for unused towels. Not only does it keep all towels in one place and not on all the furniture, everyone now knows that if it is in the bucket....the towel will be dry.

Click for the link below for a similar bucket.

Tip Three: Small Bucket for Sunscreen and Goggles

What are the two most important items when it comes to swimming? The adults will say sunscreen, and the kids will say goggles. To make sure these two items are not misplaced, we keep it in a bucket. Now everyone knows exactly where the sunscreen will be when it is time to reapply.

Click for the link below for on similar:

These ideas are simple, but boy do they make a big impact around the pool. We hope they help you as well! What are some ways that you keep your pool accessories organized? We would love to hear them, or you can tag us @theoldrivernest on Instagram to share a picture!

Now it's time to go have some Fun in the Sun!!!


Amber & Brooke

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