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5 Tips to Add Pastels to Your Home Decor


Goodbye Mr. Primary and hello Miss Pastel. Girl, where have you been? After this crazy winter here in Texas, I will be the first to welcome you back into my home. It seems like the pastel colors go hand in hand with spring and especially the Easter holiday. From the sage greens to the mauve, dusky pinks, these colors seem to give a calming and simplistic feel to any room. Even though we are happy to see Miss Pastel, it seems that we here at The Old River Nest always lean more towards Mr. Primary when it comes to colors in our home so painting a wall or adding a couch will not be in our budget when it comes to adding pastels accents. That doesn’t mean that we can not achieve the spring, Easter like feel to our home. We just had to find budget friendly ways to accomplish this look.

Here are five easy, budget friendly tips that will put pastels back on the menu when it comes to your home.

5 Tips to Add Pastels to Your Home Decor

Tip 1: Pillows

Pastels can brighten up or add color to bland or plain areas to your home. Accent pillows are perfect for any wood toned furniture along with black and white areas in a room. Try them on your couch of course but they can be added to other areas as well. Try using them on a bench or adding them to a wicker basket. These soft colors will add depth and will highlight any texture.

Tip 2: Cake Stands

Pastels in a kitchen just screams cottage in our opinion. Beautiful cake stands alone makes a statement in the kitchen. It does not matter what color it is. Adding a pastel stand to display a cake or baked goods seems to just add a little bit of charm as well.

Tip 3: Faux or Fresh Stems/Flowers

Pastel colored stems or flowers will definitely suit any home during this time of year. This simple trick gives the home a fresh start to the season even if they are a little faux. Flowers and stems always seem to impress guests and beautify a room in such a simplistic way.

Tip 4: Books

Vintage, pastel books are a style we love adding to our homes. They are perfect for bookshelves, but just like the pillows, we love finding new places to add that hint of color to the home. Add these books to a coffee table or to the mantle. If you are wondering where you find vintage books at a low cost, try goodwill or resale shops.

Tip 5: Accent Pieces

Hints of pastel can be spread throughout your home with the magic of accent pieces. From a colorful throw blanket to fresh farm eggs, there are many different ways you can give the subtle hint of Spring to your home. You can try adding these pieces to mantels, bookshelves or simply in a bowl.

If you use any of these tips, please send us a picture @theoldrivernest on Instagram. We love sharing your pictures.

Wishing You a Blessed Thursday,

Amber & Brooke :)

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