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7 Tips to Add "Fall" to Your Dining Room and Kitchen

During this time of year, the dining room and kitchen play a predominant role in our homes. Today we are not going to focus on a table setting or baking pecan pies just yet (that’s coming in the future with Thanksgiving), but we are going to give a few quick tips on how to bring the feeling of fall into your dining rooms and kitchens.

Let’s Get Started

7 Tips to "Add Fall" to Your Dining Room and Kitchen

Table Runner

Just by putting a fall-themed runner on your table, you instantly change the entire look of the room. We found this one at Home Goods for $16. It’s inexpensive but adds a ton of character.

Add Texture

We are huge fans of white dishes and usually have our buffets filled with white serving ware. However, during the fall we like to add texture to our buffet, table, and countertops to give them more of an autumn feel. A few examples of textures we use…wood with lanterns and cake stands, cotton stems to add softness, colored pumpkins, iron pumpkin art, galvanize stands for a different color, and finally fall home decor pieces. Of course, we mixed in a few white serving ware items as well because we can’t help ourselves. By mixing up textures, your dining room and kitchen will have warmth and character.


We know we said this last week, but we “literally” put garland everywhere...and we meant it! We added a little garland on the top of the buffet, in one of the shelves, and added fall leaves to the iron pumpkin. This is an inexpensive way to make a big “fall” impact.

Use Seasonal Fruit

Use seasonal fruit to decorate your dining room and kitchen. Not only do these apples encourage our kiddos to eat a healthy snack, but they also bring in the colors of fall.

Add Warm Colors

Speaking of fall colors, add colored utensils to your collection to bring another hint of fall. We bought these orange utensils for only $5 from Home Goods. This inexpensive touch adds a sweet, warm feeling to the room. Also, we bought cupcake holders that are an orange gingham pattern for $3 from Home Goods too.

Fall Towels and Placemats

Home Goods and Hobby Lobby have the cutest themed dish towels that are an easy way to bring in the season. You can also purchase themed placemats or just solid fall colored placements to add a hint of warmth as well. Our mom bought these green placemats from a garage sale that are perfect for fall.

Fall Scented Soap

We love having fall, spicy scents in our home. You know how much we talk about Tyler candles! Another way to add an autumn scent would be to use fall scented handsoap in your kitchen. We bought this soap for $3 at Home Goods.

We hope you were about to get a little inspiration for your dining room and kitchen. We would love to see your fall dining room and kitchen pictures. Please send them to our Instagram account @theoldrivernest. It brings our hearts such happiness to share!

Happy Fall Y'all,

Amber & Brooke

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