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Beach Trip 2023

Atlantic Beach, FL

We have vacationed at Atlantic Beach, Florida, for the past three summers. We stumbled upon it a few years ago and fell in love. This beach does not have the beautiful white sand of 30A, but it is quiet, usually just locals, and has the best mango strawberry daiquiris you will ever drink!

Well, this year, everyone on the Florida-Georgia line discovered our little secret because it was PACKED! I don't know if we are going back next summer. We might try something different. So, if you know of any beautiful, quiet, relaxing beaches that serve excellent drinks and are affordable, please let me know! I would love any suggestions you have. Please DM me at @theoldrivernest on Instagram.

Cheers friend,

amber :)

I found the cutest swimsuits and dresses from Walmart. Here are the links for all my outfits and accessories.

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