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Cilantro Lime Mexican Quinoa Salad

If you plan on making your grocery list this weekend, I recommend you try this recipe! It's a salad ideal for a quick lunch or as a side for dinner. This salad is citrusy, full of cilantro flavor, and excellent for summer.

I found it on Pinterest from the Evolving Table. Here is a quick look at the recipe, but if you would like more details, tips, and variations, please click the Evolving Table link.

If you make the salad, send me a DM on Instagram @theoldrivernest to let me know what you think!

I hope you have a fabulous Friday and a beautiful and blessed weekend.


amber :)

Oh, and Pottery Barn is having a great sale on their tabletop and bar items. Here are a few pieces that made my heart go pitter patter.

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