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Decorating Bookshelves to Match Your Style

See if this sounds familiar. You just finished checking out from Hobby Lobby. You are excited because you just spent a good amount of money because your basket was filled to the top with little “Knick-knacks” that will fit perfectly into your bookshelf. You get home, you lay everything out, you start placing those little accents perfectly. You are excited. You step back and BOOM! What you thought was going to be a masterpiece ends up boring, bare and it leaves you thinking “How in the world was that not enough?” Styling bookshelves can be an all-day process and requires more accents than you might think. Instead of explaining what to do or not do when decorating your bookshelves, we feel that visuals and key points would be more effective. Let's get started!

French Country Style

Key Pointers:

- Neutrals

- Tapestries

- Softer Feel

- Extravagant Lanterns

- Stone/Ceramic

- Architectural Features

Farmhouse Style

Key Pointers:

- Wood Signs with wording

- Baskets

- Books

- Browns, blacks, whites, greens

- Greenery

- Metals

- Layering

- Cutting Boards

Minimal Style using Black Accents

Key Pointers:

- Black Signs

- Black Accents

- Simple

- Black and White Photographs

- Candlesticks

- Grass-like Greenery

- Black, White, accent with Green

Boho Style

Key Pointers:

- Wicker

- Woven

- Whimsical

- Textures

- White, Browns, Green

- Golden Accents

- Mixture of Greenery

- Books

Traditional/Formal Style

Key Pointers:

- Heirlooms

- Stories to be Told

- Darker Accents

- Decorative Dishes and Plates

- No Space Wasted

- Black, Dark Brown, Brass, Brush Nickel

- Antiques

Rustic Style

Key Pointers:

- Leathers

- Galvanized

- Reds

- Natural Woods

- Burlap

- Textures

- Flowers

- Greenery

- Distressed

There are so many different ways to go when it comes to styling shelves, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Try viewing it as editing or rearranging. Above anything else, go with what works for you and your family. We hope you guys got some ideas from the visuals and hope you enjoyed them. Good luck and please send us your “edited” bookshelves. We absolutely love seeing what you come up with!!


Amber & Brooke

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1 Comment

Liz Tanner
Liz Tanner
Jun 04, 2020

I always thought I was a "farmhouse chic" kind of gal but now I feel like my style is a cross between black and white minimalist and farmhouse. What should I look for when styling my bookcases with that style?

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