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Easy, Comfy & Stylish Travel Outfits

We are so ready to take a quick road trip and get out of town for a bit. Here are a few tips for easy travel outfits!

Tips for Travel Outfits When Taking a Road Trip

Tip One: Always go for comfort. You will be in the car for a long time so make sure your outfit is comfortable and cozy.

Tip Two: Take a hat. A hat is a good way to look stylish without having to try. All you have to do is pull a messy side bun, throw on your hat, and you are ready to go!

Tip Three: Pack a jacket. Especially in the South, restaurants are usually freezing. Having a jacket will help you adjust to any temperature.

Tip Four: Easy shoes. You will most likely take your shoes off when in the car so you want to wear shoes that are easy to take on and off. Also, make sure they are comfortable too.

Tip Five: A crossover purse is a great choice. Using a crossover is the perfect solution for quick trips running in and out of stops, convenience stores, and restaurants.

We hope these 5 quick tips help you with your next road trip! Here are our favorite "go-to" travel outfits.

Click on the picture for the link.

Brooke purchased her jumpsuit at Old Navy. It is no longer available, but here is another great option that is very similar.

Jumpsuit - $34

Vera Bradley Crossover - $35

Sandals - $70

Travel Bag - $34

Earrings - $20

Sunglasses - $23

Jumpsuit - $88

Hat - $23

Earrings - $29

Jacket - $40

Sandals - $20

Sunglasses - $6 (these are my favorites)

Vera Bradley Weekender Bag - $100

We hope these outfits give you inspiration for your next road trip! Please tag us your road trip outfits on Instagram @theoldrivernest.

Happy Traveling,

Amber & Brooke :)

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