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Fall Porches - 5 Ways to Decorate for Fall

It is officially Fall, and the stores are now filled with mums and pumpkins. Oh, this makes our hearts so happy! And...this can only mean porches need to be decorated! In the case of our porches for fall, we believe the more, the better!

We switched out bright, colorful flowers on our porches for warm hues, haybales, and lots of pumpkins and now our porches just make the fall season come alive. Let’s get started on the third week of our fall home series: porches.

Fall Porches - 5 Ways to Decorate for Fall


Haybales are an easy way to instantly change the theme of your porch and gives you that pumpkin patch feel. They also take up a lot of space, so it’s an inexpensive filler. Luckily we have cows, so haybales were easy to find; however, you can easily get them at your local feed store.


For us, lanterns on the porch give the ambiance of fall; especially, if you put faux candles and light them at night. The lanterns we used are from Pottery Barn. These are perfect in your home or on the porch; they look beautiful either place.


We love mums and feel they are a must in the fall because they add color to your porch and make your house look cozy and inviting. We think it’s best to add multiple hues of mums to give your porch character.

Fall Textiles

By changing out entry rugs and pillows on your rockers, you quickly give your porch at a completely different look. We decided this year not to have our patterns match to give our porch charm. We mixed a farmhouse, black and white buffalo checked rug from Amazon with fall plaid pillows from Walmart. This mix of textiles allows the porch to have a seasonal punch of personality.


You cannot have a fall porch without pumpkins, and our advice is the more, the better! We believe that you need a combination of pumpkins, including traditional orange, white, and all the fun personality and colorful ones. By displaying these pumpkins on and beside the haybales, your porch will be a picturesque, scenic place to rest, unwind, and relish in the cooler temperatures of fall.

We hope we have given you a few viewpoints on how to enhance your porch for fall. We would love to see your porch especially if you used any of our tips. Please send your pictures to our Instagram account @theoldrivernest. We would love to share them on our stories.

Happy Fall Y'all,

Amber & Brooke :)

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