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Father's Day Gift Idea

We can't believe Father's Day is almost here! If you are anything like may be thinking...what in the world am I going to get my husband or Dad? Well, don't worry! Last year we started a new tradition that our husbands absolutely loved. instead of just doing one BIG gift and then Father's Day being over, we started giving small gifts every hour on the hour. It was so much fun because our kiddos set a timer to remind Cam and Zach when it was time to open their gifts. It made the entire day fun!

These are the "small gifts" that we are going to give this year. Take the ideas if you like....but most importantly tailor the gifts to your husband/dad and their interests. Our theme this year is items you can put in your truck, a few grooming goodies, and their favorite drinks.

Let's get started!!

Dad's Favorite Snacks

Best Day Beer Glass - Dollar Tree

For the last gift, we give something our husbands suggested! This year Cam is getting a woodworking apron, and Zach is getting new tools.

We hope these ideas inspire you for Father's Day and wish you a special day with your husband and/or dad.


Amber & Brooke

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