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Find It Friday

Happy Friday! :)

Click on the picture for the link.

Plastic Foldable Containers for School Lunches - $7

We use these all the time with our kiddos and love them.

Wall Calendar - $35 (on sale)

We use this to organize all the school activities and practices.

Water Bottles for the Family - $15 (multiple colors)

Coffee Scoop - $6

We bought one like this from a different company, but this one has great reviews and cheaper!

Warm Sugar Cookie Candle - $21

Our absolute favorite scent!

Work Shirt - $20 (multiple colors)

We have this shirt in orange and green. We love wearing these to work!

Texas Cups -$5 (Set of 25)

Hurry...these are going soon!

Cake Decorating Kit - $18

Cosmetic Bag - $3

Great teacher gift...hurry...this is a final sale!

Amazon Dress - $19 (multiple colors)

We have this dress in grey. LOVE IT!!!

We hope you are able to find something this week that helps you!

Happy Find It Friday Friends,

Amber & Brooke

If you are interested in other Find It Fridays, just click on the picture below.

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