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Find It Friday - A Mix

Now that the holidays are over and we have had a little time to rest, we are starting up our Find It Fridays again!

For our new friends, Find It Fridays are just random items that we have found at all different price points that we think would be a great addition to your life! The "finds" can be small as ponytail holders (that are now our new favorite things) to more expensive items like a great designer we found that has the cutest shoes!

We hope our Find It Fridays inspire you and help make your life a little more comfortable and fun!

May the Shopping Begin! :)

Click on the picture for the link.

Ginger Jar Paper PlaceMats - $20 (Set of 25)

This company has the cutest paper products, and these placemats would make a great item for entertaining in January.

Ginger Jar Shoes - $110

We love StylinBrunette! She has the absolute cutest shoes in multiple prints and colors.

All of her items are so fun!

Grace and Wood Co Earrings - $17 (On Sale)

This company is our go-to when it comes to earrings! Their earrings are of great quality and lightweight.

Spiral Hair Types - $6

We chose these because we liked the blue; however, we are linking a page to multiple colors and patterns. We just started wearing them and are completely in love!

Bible Study - $29

With the way 2020 went and how 2021 is starting...we could all use a little more Jesus! This bible study has great reviews and would be wonderful way to start the year on the right foot.

Satin Preppy Pajamas - $28 still need to look cute when you are sleeping, right?

These PJs scream comfort and are adorable too.

Yoga Pants - $40

I choose this blue because it goes with my theme (wink), but these tights come in multiple colors. New yoga pants!

Tote - $14

Yes, you saw this right only $14! This tote comes in many colors (we think 20) and has great reviews. If you are looking for a new purse this is one to definitely research!

Scale - $32

We are NOT encouraging you to go on a crash diet, but most of us do reflect on our health during the new year. This scale has awesome reviews and provides detailed info about BMI, etc...on your phone for only $32. We definitely thought it was worth taking a look at if you need a new scale.

Beauty Mask - $12

Everyone's pores can improve, yes? This mask has wonderful reviews and is only $12. Mine as well start the year off being naturally beautiful! :)

Elizabeth Wilson Designs - $86

If you have been following us for a while you know that we are HUGE fans of Elizabeth Wilson Designs. She has great quality clothing with a southern flair. Hurry and grab this's very low stock!

Notepad - $25

We always like to grab a few personalized notepads at the beginning of the year. They are nice to have around to write notes to teachers, friends, and family. This cute pad makes the letters even more special. This is one of our favorites, but Southern Hospitality Company has multiple styles and prints.

Oh, this would also make very cute Valentine or Easter gift for teachers!

Cartier Knock Off - $15

As much as we wish we could purchase all things Cartier...well it's just not in the cards for us! However, we can total purchase this knock off for only $15! Can you say, winning!

Happy Find It Friday Friend!

Wishing You a Blessed and Relaxed Weekend,

Amber & Brooke :)

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