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Five Easy Tips to Organize Your Master Closet

The master closet! Is it ever a good time to organize it? No! (laughing)

I'm not going to lie; the chore of tackling the master closet is not fun and takes forever! When I did it, I wore myself out, and it took half of the day! However, it was worth it in the end, and now it's so easy to see what I have. So with a bit of perseverance and time, you can whip your closet into shape too!

Five Easy Tips to Organize Your Master Closet

Tip One: Take It All Out

Yes, you read it right! Take everything out of your closet! It's essential to take inventory and look at your wardrobe. If you haven't worn a piece of clothing in a year, it's time to give it away. Also, look at sizes. If the clothes are too big or too small, there is no reason to keep them. Closet space is valuable, so don't waste it on clothes that you could maybe fit in "one day."

Any items you don't want or need, donate them to friends or GoodWill. One person's trash is another person's treasure! I love getting clothes from friends that no longer want them.

Tip Two: Categorize Your Clothing

Now that you have gone through your clothes and know what you want to keep, categorize your clothing. Your categories will depend on your clothing and closet size. When we built our house, I designed my closet to have sections. These are my categories: blouses, work suits, sweatshirts, sweaters, workout clothes, shorts/skirts, jeans/pants, and coats.

Once I have my clothes categorized, then I color-coded them like a rainbow. I stole this idea from The Home Edit, and I love this strategy. It is very pleasing to the eye.

If you don't want to categorize, I suggest at least color-coding. It will make it easy to find clothes.

Tip Three: Don't Hang Sweaters

I get most of my clothes dry cleaned. Cam would pay to have his clothes dry cleaned in college, so I never had to fight that battle with him when we were married. Not having to iron was one of the reasons I married him. Joking, well, kind of joking! :)

Anywho, my sweaters were all hung on hangers. Unfortunately, hanging sweaters took up too much valuable space. So when I was organizing, I decided to fold my sweaters and stack them. Stacking has made a WORLD of difference with how my closet looks, and I can now see what sweaters I have. So if you have space, I high recommend folding your sweaters. It makes your closet look more pleasing.

Tip Four: Don't Forget Shoes and Purses

If you have been reading my organization post, you know how much I love Dollar Tree baskets. Well, I used them in the closet too! To save space, I put my sandals and clutches in baskets and used the rest of the shelves to display my loafers, heels, and tennis shoes.

Remember, just like your clothes, it's important to categorize your shoes and purses as well.

A Few Suggestions!

Align all your clothes.

Face all your clothes the same way and use the same hangers. Both of these suggestions make your clothes look neat and orderly.

Add a Peg Board to Your Closet.

I stole this idea from a friend that was building at the same time that Cam and I were. She added a pegboard to her closet to hang earrings, jewelry, caps, and accessories. I loved this idea so much, I did the same for my closet. The pegboard has been such an easy way to keep all my accessories organized and in view, so I know what I have.

Don't Fold Your Clothes.

I put narrow drawers in my closet, and I ROLL my clothes. Rolling your clothes allows you to see the clothes in your drawer without digging and making a big mess in your drawers.

Don't Forget About Vertical Space.

If you have high ceilings in your closet, don't forget about vertical space! Cam and I added these closet hangers so we could maximize every inch in our closet. By far, one of my favorite things we did when building.

I hope I was about to give you some ideas and motivation to hop in your master closet and get to work! I have to be honest; I did want to quit and run away to a different country two or three times when organizing. However, it is so lovely now to walk in there and know that everything in the closet is something that I love and will wear, and even better, it's categorized and color-coordinated.

It can't get much better than that, friend! :)

Oh, and chocolate as a reward when you are finished helps too!

Let me know if you tackle your closet or if you have a suggestion! Either write a comment or send me a picture on my Instagram at @theoldrivernest.

Happy Organizing!


amber :)

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