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Five Tips to Organize Your Bathrooms

What's a room that you spend hours of your time in each day? It's a room with plenty of traffic and also needs to be functional and appealing at the same time? If you guessed the bathroom, you are right!

Usually, bathrooms are not large spaces in our homes which makes organizing this space essential. So today, I'm sharing five basic tips to help make your bathrooms an organized space for the entire family.

Five Tips to Organize Your Bathrooms


The first step to organizing your bathroom is to clean out all spaces. Look in all the drawers and cabinets and discard anything you don't use. I also suggest taking everything out of the drawers and wipe them out.

You get a lot of hair from brushes, toothpaste for the dispensers, etc., in your drawers, so it's a wise idea to clean out your most-used drawers every month.


Hooks are a perfect way to keep towels organized and off the floor. They also help to keep them dry. My family has two hooks in our master bathroom, so Cam and I can each have one, and the boys each have a hook in their bathrooms. Hooks are an inexpensive way to help create functionality in your bathrooms. Wall hooks for handtowels work excellently as well.

Organize Your Drawers and Cabinets

I have used Dollar Tree plastic baskets all summer long to help me organize, and I'm not stopping today. I found these small square baskets that are perfect for shallow drawers. They are an excellent solution to managing materials in your drawers. Now, when you are getting ready in the morning, you know where to find everything. And these glass jars work perfectly for cotton pads, q-tips, and bath salts.

Laundry Bin

It's essential to have a place in your bathroom to throw dirty clothes. Nothing is worse than seeing clothes on the floor. I love using a basket as a laundry bin. In my opinion, it's both beautiful and functional; however, if you would rather have a traditional laundry bin, HomeGoods has many great options.

Keep Counters Clean

Decorating is one of my favorite things, and if you are reading this blog post, I can only assume you love it too! However, your bathrooms are not necessarily the best place to have a lot of home decor.

Most likely, you are getting ready in the morning and using a hairdryer, curling or flat iron, makeup, and the list keeps going. You don't want to have to move decor every morning, so I suggest keeping your countertops relatively clean of decorations.

A few simple items will do the trick and make your bathroom feel welcoming and inviting while not being cluttered.

I hope you are now inspired to jump into your bathroom and get to organizing.

If you organize your bathrooms or have suggestions, please send me a DM to my Instagram account at @theoldrivernest or comment below.

Have a happy Tuesday organizing!


amber :)

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