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Five Useful Tips to Decorate Your Child's Bedroom

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Your child's room can be a challenge, right? Either you want that magazine covered-worthy room, but there is nowhere to play, or you have a space that they can play in but, boy, it does not look magazine-worthy at all! It is a challenge to find the balance of both and still have it reflect your child's interest and personality.

Today we are going to give you five useful tips on how to decorate your child's bedroom room that creates the best of both worlds…beauty and personality.

Five Useful Tips on How to Decorate A Child's Room

Make the Space About Them

We try to make each room about our kiddos and what they love. Whether it’s sports, animals, legos, or "girly" each room needs to reflect their interests.

Have a Place for Your Kiddos’ Special Treasures

Even though you don’t want your kid's rooms to be cluttered, it’s important that their space reflects what they love. We suggest having bulletin boards, magnet boards, and shelves to keep all their treasures organized.

Create a Cozy Corner

Just like adults want a place to relax, we think you should do the same for your kiddo. Create a corner for your kids to relax, read, and have a soft spot to rest.

Have a System for Organization

Either use baskets, shelves, hooks, or buckets to keep all their toys, books, legos, or stuffed animals organized.

Work Space

Give your kiddo a place to either color, draw, or do homework. Depending on their age will depend on their workspace, but having space to work encourages creativity.

Some of these pictures may not be picture-perfect, Pinterest worthy, but they reflect our kiddos' which makes them "in our eyes" perfect!

We hope these pictures have inspired you to look at your kid's room at a different angle and create a space they will enjoy. We would love to see your kid's room. Please send pictures on Instagram @theoldrivernest.

Have a beautiful and blessed day,

Amber & Brooke

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