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Front Porch - 5 Tips on How to Decorate

You know the saying, “actions speak louder than words?” Well, the same goes for your home; however, instead of actions, it’s with decor. Your home speaks a language of its own. It gives people the impression of who you are, and the story of your family. What you think may be small, unimportant details truly are the fabrics of what makes your home special and unlike anyone else’s. People struggle with decorating. They often make the mistake of wanting everything to look like a magazine. They end up having a beautiful home, but it doesn’t feel comfortable and has no meaning to their family. Their home is just filled with “stuff.” That’s why at The Old River Nest, we have started a new series on elements that we add to each of our spaces to make them special to us. The little details that tell our story. No detail is too small or too big. Each one has importance to us and speaks our family’s language. We hope through these three months (every Tuesday) you get inspired to see what we did in each of our spaces and will encourage you to take a leap of faith, trust yourself, and begin to decorate with meaningful items that tell your story. Let’s get started with the porch!! In the South, a porch is a room in itself. Heck, my mom spends more time on her screened-in porch than she does in her house! Front porches welcome your guests and give them a quick snapshot of the type of family that lives in the home. Your porch can speak the language of traditional, formal, country, farmhouse, modern, and the list goes on and on. Most importantly, we encourage you to pick items that speak to your heart and your style. At The Old River Nest, we have a southern-traditional, farmhouse style. We are going to share with you tips on decorating a front porch! Hopefully, these tips and elements help inspire you to create a space that you love.

Five Tips on How to Decorate a Front Porch 1. A Flag

Nothing screams “All American” more than having Old Glory waving in the wind. This is a very budget-friendly way to add warmth to your home and honor to our country. We fly an American flag most of the time on our porch. We will change occasionally for a holiday such as Christmas or….okay telling the story of our family here…. a Texas A&M Aggie flag for Football Saturdays. Flags bring instant character to a home. You can find a flag at any home improvement store or even Walmart. Do yourself a favor and get an American flag as soon as possible. It will change the feel of your home in an instant.

Click on the picture for the link.

2. Seating and Flowers

The best characteristic of a porch is that it’s an extension of your home. You not only get to relax, but you also get the benefits of smelling the fresh air and being outside. If your porch is large enough, make sure to put seating on the porch. If you don’t have room, then find a special spot to put a chair or swing in the yard if possible. Our childhood home didn’t have a large enough porch, so our parents put a swing in the front yard. We had so many conversations with neighbors and friends while waving at cars passing by. Seating on the front porch brings people together and says, “Come on over.” Flowers are a must for a front porch too! If flowers don’t speak your language, then we highly encourage you to find a plant that you love. Having live plants gives your porch a pop of color and brings life to the space.

Click on the picture for a link to the items below.

3. Put a Wreath on Your Door

Just like flowers, wreaths bring a certain life to your door, and even better it’s another space you can decorate! During the spring, we decorate with green; however, front doors are a wonderful space to decorate for the holidays too. Our Christmas wreaths may be one of our favorite items in all our holiday décor! Wreaths show personality and give a welcoming feel to your home.

Click on the picture for the link.

4. A Plaque

We think a cute “saying” or an address plaque is a small detail that adds a ton of character to a porch. Here we added a cute plague we found at Hobby Lobby that says, “Bless this Home.” It’s just a little pop of personality that welcomes our guests. You could also add an address plague. Saying plagues can be found at Hobby Lobby, and Etsy makes beautiful address plagues in all décor styles.

Click on the picture for the link.

If you follow our blog or Instagram feed, you know that we have a certain “love” for pillows. Well, outdoor pillows can be used on a porch too, and we highly recommend that you do! Just like flowers, pillows add a pop of color and warmth to your porch. They scream, “Come sit down in this comfy spot and drink sweet tea!” Pillows are an inexpensive way, to add personality to your home and tell your story.

Click on the picture for the link.

We hope that through these quick and easy tips, you are inspired to think about your front porch and the story it is telling your guests. We would love to hear how you decorate your porch or even better view pictures of it. We would love for you to comment below so we can get to know you and your style better! All our love, amber & brooke

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