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Give More, Love More: The Art of Do-Gooding

If you live in the South, you know the importance of "do-gooding!" It's just a part of Southerners to cherish their community and friends as if they are family. Whether it's writing a letter to a life-long friend, stopping by with a small treat, or dropping off a meal for someone that just lost a loved one, nothing means more than showing someone you love them with a thoughtful gift. It is one of my favorite things about growing up and living in a small town in Texas!

I love baking, and that's how I show my family and friends that I love them. So, either with cookies, cakes, or bread, I love dropping off a sweet treat.

Adding a little gift tag makes the gift even more delightful. I always think it's the cherry on top of a treat and gives a personal touch. Through Instagram, I found a new friend who creates the sweetest tags and gives the best gift ideas. So if you love giving gifts but don't have the time to think of them yourself, you definitely need to follow The Polka Dot Poodle on Instagram. Her gift-giving skills are superb, inexpensive, and oh so precious!

Emily has such fun and bright taste and designs the cutest tags. What is even better, she has a monthly membership intended for tag lovers. Each month Emily will ship you new personalized gift tags perfect for the season all year long. Isn't that the most fabulous idea!

Her monthly gift tag program is called Graciously Gifted. Members have the option to print from home for $10/mo (as many as you choose) or she will print tags professionally and send them directly to your doorstep for $20. (4 tags per design)

Each month she design tags that pertain to the next months holidays, occasions and seasons. The monthly collection always includes at least 4 different designs & one of those four is always something you can use all year long.

There is no obligation and you can cancel anytime. The Polka Dot Poodles payment process is through PayPal & it charges every 30 days. So if you join today you will get the current June collection but when the new collection releases on 7/1 you will receive it as well. So it’s like getting 2 months for the price of 1.

All of our collections release by email on the 1st of the month. Members have access to our private FB/IG pages where other members share how they use their tags as well.

I highly suggest taking a look at her website too. Just click the picture below.

Also, here is the monthly membership information if you would like it, just click on the picture. Emily only takes a few memberships, so hurry and get on the waiting list.

This gift is for my mom. I baked her strawberry bread, wrapped it with a monogrammed dish towel, and then added a bright and happy tag for my "cherry on top!"

If you need a strawberry bread recipe, click the picture. It's one of my favorites to give as presents.

I hope you get a chance this week to show someone how much you love them!

Please send me ideas that you like to do for neighbors and friends in the comments or DM me at @theoldrivernest on Instagram. Remember...give more, love more!

Happy Monday, friend,

amber :)

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