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Grooving Through Memphis! A Quick Review of Our Memphis Trip

Memphis, what a great way to start our southern road trip! Even though we had never been, having a Granny in love with Elvis, I knew that we couldn't go through Tennennesse without seeing Graceland. But, I was surprised how much Memphis has to offer and the turnaround their downtown is going through.

It was a fast and furious couple of days, but I was so pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed Memphis. So today, I'm going to walk you through our trip, where we stayed, the places we visited, what I wore, along with my honest opinions of each location.


Bass Pro

We started our trip with, of course, going to the world's most giant Bass Pro. Isn't that why everyone goes to Memphis? Well, I'm sure boy moms understand!

My thought on the Memphis Bass Pro, if you have never been to a Bass Pro before, then it's definitely worth the experience. The store is enormous, an outdoorsman's paradise, and has so many products to see. However, it's not much different than any other Bass Pros we have visited. They do have an aerial viewing deck that would have been fun to do; however, the line was so long, and frankly, the boys weren't too impressed.

This Bass Pro also has a hotel. If you love Bass Pro, then I say go for it; however, I've very grateful we stayed at The Peabody. I don't think it would be worth it or the money. I would opt to stay somewhere else.

If you have time, definitely go and visit. The boys enjoyed it, but it's not worth making a special trip to Memphis just for Bass Pro.

What I Wore:

All items are linked to my page at @theoldrivernest.


The Peabody

If you are visiting Memphis, The Peabody is a MUST! Since the beginning of the 1930s, the ducks at The Peabody are just as famous as Memphis BBQ and Elvis! While we went to the hotel for the ducks, the hotel is beyond impressive. The historic lobby has a grand fountain topped with an enormous flower arrangement, a kaleidoscopic ceiling of stained glass and inlaid wood, and is filled with delightful guests at the spacious bar and sitting area.

The ducks walk to the fountain every day at 11 am and walk back to their Royal Duck Palace at 5 pm.

For more information about the ducks, click on the picture below.

The rooms had elegant charm, and the hotel offered a great gym, indoor pool, and restaurant. Unfortunately, many of the restaurants are closed in downtown Memphis on Mondays (just FYI), so we ate at the hotel restaurant.

At dinner, Cam and I started with a delicious wedge salad. Then, I had the salmon that I highly recommend, Cam had a steak, and Coop a pizza. However, the best dish was chosen by Caden. He had the mushroom ravioli that was by far the best dish of the evening.

We also had tiramisu and creme brulee for dessert. I liked both, but I would go with the creme brulee if we go back!

For more information about The Peabody, click the picture below.

What I Worn:

All items are linked to my page at @theoldrivernest.



I Can't Help Falling in Love with Graceland. I grew up watching all the Elvis movies, singing Elvis songs, and even watching Elvis concerts that my mom had recorded on VHS for my Granny. Elvis is a part of my upbringing, so there was NO WAY to go to Memphis without stopping by Graceland!

Graceland is over 120 acres that share everything about the life and career of Elvis. I thought you just walked to his home, buy tickets, tour the house and leave. NOPE! Graceland is an experience and honestly reminded me of Universal at Disney World.

To enter Graceland, you walk through a small village of restaurants and gift shops. The employees operated Graceland like a well-oiled machine. You begin with a short video about Elvis's life, then you are shuttled to the house, and after the house, you are free to roam museums and shops.

Graceland (the home) was quite beautiful. Remember, I have a grand millennial style, so the grandma feels made me happy. But honestly, it reminded me of the homes of my friends growing up. Well, everything but the jungle room. He did have quite eclectic taste, but it was a beautiful home, and we all enjoyed the self-guided tour. The tour ran smoothly and provided comprehensive information about Elvis's personal life and family. He sure did love his mama and grandmother! Graceland was special, and I cried when I saw his grave. It was an emotional experience.

The boys loved the museums, and they were interactive and kid-friendly. Perfect for families! You could also visually dress like Elvis, find the decade you loved Elvis the most, and view his boats, motorcycles, and even the golf carts he used on the property.

The boy's favorite part was touring his planes, a private plane and his private jet. It was awe-inspiring, and Cooper loved it!

We didn't eat at any of the restaurants there, so I can't give you any opinions, but just FYI, gift shops are everywhere. If your kiddos love gift shops as mine do, then you may want to set limits before you get out of the car.


Hattie B's Hot Chicken in Nashville

We drove from Memphis to Gatlinburg but made a quick stop at Hattie's Hot Chicken in Nashville. Caden has seen the famous hot chicken in place off TikTok and wanted to try it.

Y'all, it's yummy! I had the medium tenders, which had a nice kick, but it was the sides that made me happy. The baked beans were delicious, and the cole slow was a great addition to help cool off the spice of the chicken.

Cam and Caden had the HOT chicken. I don't think I would go out of the way for Hattie's, but it was on our way to Gatlinburg, and I'm so happy we stopped. We now can check hot chicken off our bucket list!

Oh and, conveniently right across the street is Bobbie's Dairy Dip, a hamburger and ice cream shop. Super cute, very popular with the locals, and it had super yummy soft-serve ice cream. I had a swirl ice cream, and Coop had a banana split. Of course, Cam and Caden didn't want anything, but Caden wanted my ice cream after a quick taste! Go figure, and since I knew wearing a swimsuit was in my future, I gave it to him!

Hattie's and Bobbie's were a hit with the boys and a fun stop for the entire family.

What I Wore:

All items are linked to my page at @theoldrivernest.


Well, that's our fast and furious trip to Memphis. I hope this post gives you a quick insight into a few fun stops in Memphis. If you have any questions or need any advice with Memphis, DM me or ask in the comments below.

In a few days, I'll share our Gatlinburg, Biltmore Estate, Georgia Aquarium, and Atlantic Beach experience. Talk soon, friend!


amber :)

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