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How We Celebrated Two Kids at One Party using these 5 Easy Tips

Anyone else out there have two kiddos with birthdays only two weeks apart? When it comes to planning two parties back to back, it is tough! Here at The Old River Nest, we get a natural high when it comes to entertaining and party planning, but TWO parties that close together is overwhelming for anyone. We are creating and buying two sets of invitations and decorations, two different meals and desserts, and two separate party favors for friends and family that attend. In the past, planning for two parties had its challenges, but the year 2020 was its own beast. With COVID-19 and quarantine, this year we decided to have one big celebration for both kids. Even though both parties were rolled into one, our main focus was making sure that both kids had their own special moments that celebrated them individually while together. And of course, we wanted cute decorations too! :)

Tip One: Keeping the Party Budget Friendly by Planning, Planning, Planning

When coming up with the budget, we knew that everything was going to be double from the start. This freaked us out a little, we are not going to lie. The past couple of years, after one party was over, we had two weeks to save and start buying little by little for the next party. Knowing that this year was going to be different, we knew exactly what we had to do. We dusted off our teaching hats and planned as only teachers could plan. We made our party “scope and sequence”. We decided on our theme/ table decorations, planned out the day, decided on a menu, and also came up with party favor for each “student” (aka children that attended). Since we planned everything in advance, we have plenty of time to check out a couple of stores to compare prices. As luck would have it, 99% of everything we needed for the party decorations was at the Dollar Tree. Not only was everything we bought only $1.00, but it was as cute as can be.

Tip Two: Select Coordinating Themes

When it comes to coordinating two parties, selecting themes is just the beginning. Brooke has a 4-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son, so we could not just go with Frozen or Fortnite and be done with it. If only it was that easy! We were racking our brain on how we were going to combine Frozen and Fortnite! Besides both starting with the letter “F”, we realized that was another word that started with the letter “F”- frustrated. Since we were drawing a blank, we decided to go straight to the source. We started asking both of Brooke's kiddos what they were wanting in a birthday party. Luckily for us, both kids agreed that they wanted a party that involved the swimming pool. We could not have been happier!! We decided on a luau party for Emmy and a surf’s up party for Gable. Both parties involve the swimming pool and both have a beachy, Hawaiian feel. From the food to the decorations, both themes just seamlessly fit together.

Tip Three: Creating a Sense of Flow using Colors

To keep the party decorations from looking like two different parties, we had to create a visual flow with the colors. Since surfboards and Hawaiian flowers are not the exact same, they did have a connection through color. Do all the colors have to be the exact same? No, not at all, but they had to agree with each other. Some of the places that we felt the coloring was important included the table centerpieces, table decorations, invitations, and finally outfits. Yes, you read that right! Like any other party, you know the cameras will be out and lots of pictures taken. Just like the party, you want your family and picture to flow as well.

Tip Four: Having a Connection for Guests

One challenge that we prepared for was to make sure that the guests didn’t separate as they arrived especially when it came to the kids. Our goal was to keep the girls from going one way and the boys to go in the opposite direction since we were celebrating all together. So instead of asking the boys to dress life surfers and the girls to wear grass skirts, we decided to find a common denominator. That common denominator not only connected everyone at the party, but it also added a punch of color. We provided all guests, including the adults, to wear a Hawaiian lei.

Tip Five: Personal Touches for Both Kids

Along with highlighting them at separate times, we wanted to make sure that they had a personal touch when it came to their party. We not only included their favorite colors, but we also made sure to include their favorite desserts. My daughter loves donuts and my son loves cupcakes. Whatever they choose, they will feel like they had a part in creating their party.

Hopefully, you guys got a couple of ideas on creating a two for one party. Every year seems to bring a different challenge when it comes to planning a birthday party. We are always looking for new ideas to make our children feel special on their special day. Do you have any cute party themes or ideas that were successful for you? If so, please share. We are always up for new ways to celebrate!!


Amber & Brooke

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