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How Window Tinting Has Enhanced Comfort to Our Home

Living on an 40-acre lot without trees has its perks – spacious landscapes, breathtaking sunsets, and refreshing breezes. However, when the sun sets directly at the back of your house, especially with three sets of French doors, it can lead to challenges. The evening sun streams into our living room, creating uncomfortable warmth and blinding brightness. That's when we turned to window tinting, and the results have been incredible!

Here’s why window tinting has made such a difference to our home:

1. Heat Reduction: Our ceramic film effectively reduces heat entering our home, keeping our living room cooler during hot Texas evenings and cutting down on air conditioning costs. Can I get an Amen?

2. UV Protection: Window tinting blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, safeguarding our furniture, flooring, and curtains from sun damage.

3 Glare Reduction: No more squinting at the TV or battling with blinding sun rays. The tint minimizes glare, making our living room and dining room a more comfortable place to unwind and relax.

4. Energy Efficiency: By maintaining a cooler interior, window tinting helps lower energy consumption, resulting in reduced electricity bills and a more environmentally friendly home.

5. Privacy and Style: If you live in a neighborhood, tinting also provides privacy without compromising your view outside. We used Geoshield tinting, and they offer a variety of tints and styles to match any home décor.

Here is a quick glance to show the speed of the process. It took Clay about an hour to do all six doors.

If you are based in Central Texas and interested in tinting, we used Clay Schluens. If that name sounds familiar, well it's my brother-in-law. We are fortunate that Clay has been tinting windows for years and has not only done our house but all of our cars too. Luckily, perfectionism runs in their family, so it was a relief to know that our windows would be done with care and precision.

And, the BEST THING...we are thrilled with the results!! Our living room is now cooler, more comfortable, and free from the blinding evening sun without even knowing the windows are tinted. We’re so impressed that we’re planning to tint our bedroom windows next to manage the morning sun.

Check out the difference: the doors on the left aren't tinted, but the doors on the right are. We opted for a look where the windows don't appear tinted, yet we still enjoy all the benefits.

If you’ve been thinking about window tinting, there’s no better time to take action. From reducing energy costs to enhancing comfort, window tinting offers benefits that fit every lifestyle and need especially in the Texas.

Here is the information on the tint we used:

Cheers to cooler homes and lower electricity bills!



Oh, and if you live in Central Texas and want to tint your home or car windows, you can reach Clay @c_schluens on instagram.

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