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Lanterns for All Styles

Who doesn’t love decorating with lanterns? These little accents not only make the perfect statement in any space, but there is no end to how versatile they are. The best part about lanterns are the many different colors, shapes, and sizes they come in. Since lanterns have a variety of options, it is easy to find one that fits the personality of your home. Here are a couple of our favorites that fit any budget or style.

Richland Black Contemporary Metal Lantern with Clear Glasses - $17

Chester Brushed Lantern, Brass - $130

Whitewash Wood Lantern With Drawer - $70

Full Black Metal Solar Powered LED Outdoor Garden Lantern - $57

Brooks Natural Rattan Lantern - $14 - $40

Park Hill Indoor/ Outdoor Lantern - $60 - $200

We use flameless candles in our lanterns. They even have a remote control! Here are multiple options and sizes.

Happy Monday Friends,

Amber & Brooke

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