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Let's Have Some Pillow Talk

Who’s not a budget these days??? Especially right now with what our country is going through. Hopefully, through our post, you can take away a few “budget-friendly” pillow ideas to help you decorate for the changing seasons.

Tip 1: Don’t Only Buy Solid Pillows.

You need just a few pillows that are solid. The solid pillows help balance and will not overwhelm the eye. However, a couch full of solid pillows, in our opinion can be a bit blah. Mix it up…don’t be matchy-matchy! A few solid pillows with a couple of patterned pillows give your sofa balance, texture, and warmth. It makes your furniture look cozier and more inviting.

Tip 2: Don’t Buy all the Same Size.

Different size pillows give your furniture character, allows you to stack pillows at different angles, and makes your home have a warmer feeling. It will seem as if you have been collecting these pillows throughout the years and each has its own story giving your house a homier atmosphere.

Tip 3: Don’t Make the Pillows Look Perfect.

If every pillow is perfectly placed and straight on your furniture, it will look stuffy and staged. Have your pillows at different angles. This will make anyone that enters your home want to kick their feet up, sip on a cup of coffee and have a good conversation-aka some good southern gossip.

Tip 4: Pillows Don’t Just Belong on a Sofa.

We use pillows everywhere! We have pillows on a bench in our entrance, in a nook in the mudroom, on chairs, on our desk chairs, on beds, on outdoor furniture, shoot….we even put pillows on our pool chairs. We don’t think there’s a piece of furniture that doesn’t deserve a good throw pillow so we encourage you to be daring and creative.

Tip 5: Use Pillows the Color of the Seasons…but Don’t Go Crazy

We would love to say yes, buy all brown, green, and orange pillows for fall and red and green for Christmas, and only blue pillows for winter; but that would be ridiculous and definitely not “budget-friendly.” Buy a few staple pillows and then just add a few accents that will change the look of the home. For example, we have several solid, blue pillows. These are perfect all year round. Along with the blue pillows we have some red, striped pillows that work perfectly the same way. We use these for all kinds of holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s, and Fourth of July. This way all we have to do is throw in a couple of accent pillows, and it changes the entire look. Check out how we used the same staple pillows but achieve two holiday looks.

Soooooooo….now that you are ready to hop online and buy pillows, you may be asking…where do I get these pillows that you keep going on and on about? Happy clap, we’re glad you asked!

Our number one place that we think has the most beautiful pillows is Pottery Barn. We haven’t met a Pottery Barn pillow that we didn’t adore. However, this can be expensive so we have a tip.

TIP for Throw Pillows on a Budget: Buy the covers from Pottery Barn but do not buy the inserts. You can easily find the inserts at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, or Amazon. When decorating for the seasons, we just take the covers off and reuse the inserts. This makes storage much easier, and it saves you a ton of money from having to buy inserts at a much more expensive cost.

If the covers at Pottery Barn are still a little out of your price range, we recommend looking at Target, HomeGoods, or Amazon. If you are set on the Pottery Barn brand but need it at an inexpensive price we have found expectational deals off of eBay and Mercari. All of these places have great options, and they have a variety of sizes, textures, and styles.

With spring in the air and summer soon coming, we hope that we have inspired you to realize that with just a few throw pillows you can change the look of your home in no time and on a budget.

Please comment below and send us pictures of your throw pillows and any ideas that you would like to share. We would love to hear from you.

All our love,

amber & brooke

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