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Make Yourself At Home - All About the Guest Bedroom

Our goal when it comes to a guest room...when people visit our home they never want to leave!

That's not saying we don't want them to go's just saying they don't want to leave. Ha! All joking aside, today we are going to give you a few tips on how to make your guests feel extra special when they come to visit.

10 Tips to Creating a Welcoming Guest Bedroom

Tray of Goodies

We don't think there is a better way to welcome your guests than having goodies that are tailored to them when they arrive. We bought this tray at Kirkland's which is the perfect size. We usually put a few books or magazines that fit our guests' interestest and also a phone charger, a sweet note welcoming them, flowers, and a little gift. Sometimes we give a sweet treat or pictures we printed off for them over a special memory we shared. It's just up to you, but a little gift is the icing on the cake when hosting visitors.

Fresh Flowers

Oh my, we love fresh flowers. They make our hearts so happy, and we promise they will do the same for your guests. It's always nice to have a little freshness in the room too. Flowers help give the room a luxurious, hotel-like feeling that will make your guest feel as if they are on vacation.

Relaxing Bedding

Make sure to provide comfortable bedding. The sheets need to be soft and clean (of course). It would be a good idea to also have extra blankets in case your guests get cold.

Odds and Ends

We put a small tray on the nightstand so guests can put any jewelry, money clips, or small belongings in one location. An odds and ends plate helps family and friends keep up with their treasures.

A Framed Picture

It's a sweet touch to have a framed picture of your guest when they were with you. It makes them feel a part of your family. We have welcome back on this sheet, but you could also add the wifi password in case your guests need to get online.

Luggage Rack and Hooks

We hung a large hook on the wall and placed luggage racks under the hook. Hooks and luggage racks allow your visitors to feel organized when they are visiting.

Sitting Area

Adding a chair in the room gives a soft spot for your family and friends to land. Adding a few books also gives them a chance to relax and unwind during their visit.

We didn't take a picture, but we also have a TV in the room. A TV allows your guest a chance to watch movies or catch up on their favorite shows while winding down from the day.

Coffee Bar

When we built our home, we knew we would do a lot of entertaining. Well, we went an extra step and added a coffee bar outside of our guest bedroom. This space allows our guests to grab a cup of coffee, a snack, or a bottle of water without having to go downstairs.

We usually stock up the fridge with waters and provide a snack for the guest. It's just another way to make them feel at home.

Of course, we know many of you do not have a coffee bar; therefore, add a couple of bottles of water to the tray on the bed. Having a snack and water helps your company to not get up in the middle of the night if they get hungry or thirsty.

Welcome Sign

We bought this sign from 12 Timbers. We love it, and we think it's the perfect accessory to send your family and friends a sweet message when they come over.


Next to the coffee bar, we have a bistro table for our guests to sit in the mornings. This table allows family and friends to read a magazine or book and do their devotionals while they are visiting.

These are just a few ways that we try to make our guests never want to go home! Our goal is that when family and friends come over, they feel that we are grateful for their visit.

We hope you can adopt a few of these ideas in your guest rooms. We would love to see your guest bedroom pictures on Instagram @theoldrivernest.

Have a beautiful and blessed day,

Amber & Brooke :)

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