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Need a Summer Playlist?

I have been crazy obsessed with all things Coastal Grandmother and love all the TikToks about this aesthetic, but my favorite videos are the playlist made for all the coastal grannies. I adore all the music and have been listening to them nonstop.

I have always been a music lover, and my taste is, well...let's just say it's very eclectic! So, since I loved having a playlist already created, I thought I would make a few playlists for you too!

These are not current songs. Mainly from the 80s and 90s. I hope all these songs remind you of beautiful memories, make you laugh and want to sign, and fill your hearts full of joy just like they do mine!

So...let's get to it!

The Old River Nest - 80s/90s Country

If you love to country dance, or at least love dancing music, this is the playlist for you! It's mostly 80s/90s but there are a few from the early 2000s.

The Old River Nest - Pop/ Rock

Okay, this one is quite interesting. You seriously have a little bit of everything from Chicago to Madonna to Oasis to Dave Matthews to Metallic. I love this playlist for working out or cleaning the house.

The Old River Nest - Hip Hop

Okay, this is my "dark side" playlist. These are my "pretend I'm still 18" songs that I'm sad to say I listen to when I'm in my BIG Yukon (aka mom car) running errands or picking up groceries by myself. I DO NOT SUGGEST listening to these songs with children. I did, however, try to download the radio versions of the songs. It's a "dark side" playlist, but we still have to keep it somewhat classy!

Playlist:Coastal Grandmother

Finally, I'll End with this Coastal Grandmother Playlist!

If you love listening to American classics while cooking, baking, working, tending to your garden, home decorating, or having a dinner party, this is definitely your list. Unfortunately, I didn't create this one, but I love what this sweet lady chose.

(Because this is not my list, I'm just going to show the picture of the playlist.)

You can find it all on Spotify.

I hope these lists bring you a smile this Saturday and flood you with happy memories! If you can think of any other songs, DM me on IG @theoldrivernest. I'll upload them for you.

I wish you a wonderful weekend, friend!


amber :)

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