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Need Help Organizing Your Kitchen? Use These Four Easy Tips.

Tidiness and organization are crucial to keeping a kitchen fully functional, and frankly, an organized kitchen is a valuable kitchen! It doesn't matter if you have a small or large space; these tips will help you declutter the heart of your home!

Tip One: Only Keep What is Necessary and Your Favorite

With both my boys at home for the summer, our kitchen can quickly get messy; therefore, it's important not to have many extras! Take a look in your drawers and see what multiples you have. Do you have three can openers, four ice cream scoops, and eight knives that are no longer sharp? If so, weed through and only keep the valuable items helpful to you—either donate the others to Good Will or throw them away if they are no longer in good use.

Tip Two: Give Everything a Home

I purchased white containers from Dollar Tree for only a buck! They are perfect for organizing my drawers and giving each kitchen utensil a "home." Now I don't have to go rummaging through the drawers to find the right measuring tools and cups.

This what my baking drawers looks like before I organized. I am definitely not proud of this picture.

These white containers help to give measuring cups and spoons their own location.

I also was able to create two drawers for baking - one for measuring utensils and one for cake decorating. Now I know where everything is, and I have to be feels really good!

Baking Station now complete!

Tip Three: Store Items that Are the Same In One Place

I set stations in my kitchen. One area is for coffee, one for baking, and utensils and knives are by the stove. Find places in your kitchen that make sense and are helpful when cooking and baking.

In each of the drawers, I have all the items in their own location. For example, in the coffee drawer, I have all the creamers in one container, sweeteners in another, and tea in its space, along with spoons, so making coffee is a cinch in the morning.

My Coffee Station

I also have containers above the coffee maker for coffee, our coffee bean grinder, and filters.

Side Note: We put our prescription medicine in our coffee cabinet. This way we don't forget to take it in the morning.

This is a before shot of our Tupperware drawer. Again, very sad!

I decided to use these handled white containers from the Dollar Tree. I now have two drawers. One for the lids and one for the containers. I was able to use the containers to "file" the lids by sizes.

Another Tip: Put water bottles and Yeti cups in a lower drawer. This way the kids can easily get a water bottle when they are playing outside during the summer.

My pot drawers were also very unorangized. I decided to separate the drawers to lids and pots. I added a container as well to file small lids and put larger lids on the sides. I also threw away a few that I not longer needed.

I also keep all wax paper, foil, cling wrap, etc... in one location.

Another drawer is for ziplock bags, lunch bags, and any containers I may need for lunches and snacks. I also have Cam's Foma gas for coffee in there...don't even ask! I have a very unique husband. :)

Tip Four: Use Organization for Decor Too

Organization can be pretty too! Use old crocks to organize wooden spoons and metal utensils. You can also use baskets for baking sheets, muffin pans, and cutting boards.

(Photo from

Here are a few hacks I found while researching that may be helpful to you as well.

(Photo from

If space is limited, your use pantry door.

(Photo from

These cabinet pull outs are awesome for not having to bend down and dig through lower cabinets.

(Photo from

This is a great way to organize spices so you can easily find what you need.

(Photo from

Use tension rods to separate baking sheets and pans.

(Photo from

Use these lifts to help give more space in your cabinets.

Purchase an under the counter storage unit to hold all dishwasher cleaning items and soaps.

Use over the door hooks for organizing kitchen cleaners under the sink.

(Photo by

You could also use these over the hook baskets for bags.

I hope I inspired you to begin organizing your kitchen. The first step is to just get in there and get started. I promise you will feel like a new person when it's complete!

Every Tuesday, I'll be sharing tips and tricks for organizing a room in your home. Next week is the pantry. Stay tuned!

If you have a suggestion for organizing the kitchen, please comment below or DM me a picture at @theoldrivernest on Instagram. I would love to share.

Have a terrific Tuesday and start organizing!


amber :)

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