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Places in Your Home You Don't Think About Cleaning

Do you like to start the new year with a clean, fresh start? Us too, and we mean with our houses!

We all have our usual cleaning routines; however, we aren't speaking of spring cleaning here. Today we are talking about areas in your house that get overlooked, or you don't even think about cleaning.

This blog post is not Pinterest worthy. You will see pictures of us truly cleaning our homes and how yucky some of these areas are! Our photos are not to gross you out but to "inspire" you to wash these places or items, so you start 2021 with a clean, shiny start!

Let's Get Cleaning!

Inside the Dishwasher

We bought a Family Dollar brand of a Magic Eraser. With latex gloves on, we wiped down the inside of our dishwashers. Especially get in the edges and the section between the door and washer and drain. You will be in shock with how much grime you will find.

The Garbage Disposal Seal

Lots of grease collects under the seal of the garbage disposal. It's rather gross! We purchased degreaser (in the auto section) at Family Dollar for a few bucks. Spray a little and scrub with a toothbrush. Cleaning the seal will help your sink and pipes not clog from grease.

Under the Refrigerator

Spider webs, crumbs, pet hair, and dirt can collect under your fridge, which is disguising knowing that all your food is in there. Using a duster, we cleaned under the refrigerator with just a few wipes.

Vent Hood

The vents in your vent hood can easily get covered with grease from cooking, especially if you have guys in your house that love bacon—speaking from experience! The best way to clean your vents is to purchase a degreaser in the auto parts section. Put the vent in a sink, spray with degreaser, and let it soak. After a few minutes rinse with water and wipe clean. How easy is that!

Trash Cans

Trash Cans are just gross! When changing the bags, we usually spray Lysol inside them to help with the smell, but we don't typically clean the actual trash can. We would suggest cleaning this container a few times a year. We just put water and bleach in the trash can and wiped it down. Not only did it clean it well, but it also made it smell so much better. Oh, and don't forget to clean out the cabinet or trash drawer that your can is in as well. That place can get filthy.

Washing Machine

We are frequently washing clothes, but honestly, we didn't think about cleaning the actual washing machine. You can clean the inside of your machine by wiping the lid and inside with a Lysol disinfectant wipe. Then wash a load with no clothes and just bleach. We were stunned by how dirty our washing machine lids were!


Dryers love to collect lint. We think we all are good at cleaning the link screen, but lint collects under the tray too. It's essential to make sure to eliminate so that your dryer does not catch on fire. It's easy! Just take an extension to a shop vac and vacuum any lint in the tray container. You will feel much better and safer, knowing that your dryer is clean. Also, a good wipe down of the dryer is a good idea too.

Pillows and Shower Liners

Washing bed sheets are a part of our standard cleaning routine, but what about your pillows? Skin cells, dirt, and oil can get on your pillows, too, so it's a good practice to clean these as well. You can wash the cushions in your washing machine and then dry them with tennis balls. The tennis balls help to dry your pillows faster and keep them fluffy. Also, remember to wash your shower liners. If you don't have washable liners, it might be a good idea to purchase new ones. Liners are good friends with mold and mildew.

Hair Brushes

Do you ever think about washing your hairbrushes? Until we researched for this post, we didn't even think about it! Now, please clean out your brush and look between the bristles. You will notice, they are dirty. Don't worry, though; it's super easy to clean! All you have to do is fill a sink with a little water and baking soda. Let them soak for a few minutes, and they will come out squeaky clean. Who knew?

Toilet Bowl Brushes

We have toilet bowl brushes in our bathrooms. These are so gross! An excellent way to keep them fresh is to add a little Pinesol in the container every few months to keep the brushes smelling well. If you know us, you know we love Pinesol, so this tip makes our hearts happy! We also would suggest purchasing a new brush every year. A dirty toilet brush is...well...disgusting!

Your Closet

We are super big on organizing our closets. We try to keep them clean and categorized, but have you ever thought about dusting your closet? We used a Pledge wipe to wipe down all the shelves and the floor under our clothes. Wow, you will be surprised with how much dust collects in these areas.


We are pretty good at cleaning our baseboards, but do you ever think about the top of your doorways? We don't! With just an extended duster, we quickly were able to dust away any dirt that had collected.

Keyboards, Light Switches, and Remotes

Keyboards, light switches, and remotes are items we touch multiple times a day but don't think about cleaning. And, they are easy to disinfect. Put rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and wipe it down. We were in shock with how dirty all of these were in our homes. We will start cleaning these places multiple times a year, especially during flu season.

We hope you had a few "oh my, I didn't think about that" moments today with our post, and it encourages you to take some time to clean these areas in your home.

If you get a chance to clean these places or objects, please send us pictures on our Instagram account @theoldrivernest. We would love to see it!

Happy Cleaning, Friend! May you start 2021 with a clean, fresh home.

All Our Love,

Amber & Brooke

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