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Six Easy Tips for Decorating Your Home for the Fourth of July

What is it about July 4th? Is it the summertime weather, the kids running in the yard, the swim parties? It’s a holiday that simply doesn’t require a lot of preparation! You can just relax and be proud to be an American. You don't have to worry about buying gifts, Christmas cards, making grand meals. It’s just a day to bring family and friends together, cook simple hot dogs, pop firecrackers and honor this incredible country that we live in. We don't think it can get better than that!

The Fourth of July definitely brings back delightful memories too! We remember, as girls, waking up during the summer and watching Martha Stewart on "Good Morning America" sharing tips on how you can create a 4th of July tablescape like it was yesterday. Everyone was in red, white, and blue and we remember thinking, “One day this is going to be us.” I’m sure you thought that same thing when you were in 4th grade, right? Well, we guess dreams do come true because today we are giving you six easy tips on how to create a festive, patriotic feel of the Fourth of July around your house.

Pillows and Flags Bring the Color

Okay, I know we keep going on and on about pillows; but as soon as you take a sip of the kool-aid and get on board, your pockets and homes will benefit immensely. Pillows are so budget-friendly, and they allow you to give your house the personality it deserves! Just like in your home, to quickly makeover your porch all you have to do is just add a few American pillows. American flags are the cherry on top of any home that represents patriotism. You can add large flags, porch flags, or even simply get small flags and add them to a vase. You can find a wealth of pillows on the Pottery Barn, Amazon, and Walmart websites depending on your budget. Also, we just picked up jars from Walmart and added mini flags to them. We put these little goodies throughout the house. Look at that...such a quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to bring a little patriotism to your home!

Bunting and Flags on the Front Porch

Nothing, and we mean nothing screams Fourth of July more than American flags and American bunting on the front porch. This completely transforms your porch in seconds, and what’s even better is that you show your Patriotism to everyone that drives by. In this case...we think more is better so go ahead and fill that porch up!

We are blessed to live in the country and have a white barn. We went over the top (shocker) and bought a HUGE flag to put on the front of our barn. We put the flag up on Memorial Day weekend and don’t take it down until Labor Day weekend. It’s one of our favorite traditions during the summer.

If you have a small porch, no worries! We have you covered. Just add flags to your flower pots. This only costs a few bucks, and you don’t have to change or add any decor! Once you are tired of celebrating, you can take the flags out! In the words of Ina Garten, “how easy is that?”

Don’t Forget Outdoor Tables and Pool Chairs Too

Another area that “really wants” to be decorated for the 4th of July is outdoor tables and pool chairs. Especially since most of us spend the summer outdoors. Again, with just a few pillows, beach towels, flags, and umbrellas, you can quickly transform these pieces into the perfect space for family and friends to gather for the holiday.

Outdoor Furniture and Table was purchased at the Round Top Antique Fair.

Furniture was purchased from Adams Furniture out of North Carolina.

Table was purchased from The Porch out of California.

These plate are no longer available, but here are other options.

A more budget-friendly option.

Table Runner -

It says out of stock online, but we bought it at Hobby Lobby. They had plenty at the store and they were on sale for $7. It was in the spring section.

Spaces in Your Home

Again, with the 4th of July, you don’t want all of your decor to scream red, white, and blue! It can easily become too much. So with your shelves or surfaces just add a few items to share in the holiday spirit without overdoing it. You can easily find cute holiday items at Hobby Lobby or HomeGoods.

Flower Arrangement

We have been talking about a lot of red and blue here! So, to break up these bold colors, white flowers are the way to go. Grab a few fresh flowers from the grocery store, put them in a mason jar, and add a flag. have a Fourth of July flower arrangement!

American Signs

We love signs in our homes, and they are excellent pieces to instantly change for different holidays. You can either go neutral or bring out a ton of color with your signs. It’s whatever your personality is! Here are two inexpensive types we found that gives an American theme to our homes without spending much money.

Found at Antique Farmhouse, but is sold out. We are hoping they get more soon.

Welcome Sign

Found at Hobby Lobby

We hope these quick and budget-friendly tips inspire you to add a little patriotism to your home. We would love to share your pictures with our followers. Please tag us on Instagram


Amber & Brooke

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