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Six Essential Elements to Create a Cozy Master Bedroom

After a long day, there is nothing better than having a cozy place where you can close the door and let all your troubles fade away! That place for us is the master bedroom. Master bedrooms need to be a place of refuge for you and your spouse. This room is a space to relax, unwind, and be surrounded by elements that you love and find comfort in the most.

Today, we will be sharing several tips on how to give your master bedroom a sanctuary feeling you can find comfort in.

Window Treatments

Drapes are essential to the master bedroom. Putting drapes around your windows serve two critical functions. First, they soften the room that provides comfort. Of course, our style leans more neutral; therefore, we chose Pottery Barn’s Emery Linen Drapes in the color oatmeal. Secondly, window treatments also allow you to close and block any light, so you can have a dark and cozy place to sleep. We have two quick tips for window treatments. First, make sure your window treatments touch the floor or graze right above the floor. Drapes touching the floor creates for a more polished look. Next, try hanging your window treatments at the ceiling level to give the illusion your ceilings are higher than they are. This makes your room feel larger.

Comfortable Bedding

You work hard every single day, and you sleep every single day!! Therefore, make sure you gift yourself with comfortable bedding every single day! That does not mean that you have to spend a ton of money buying luxury sheets. Just make sure you find sheets that you feel are comfortable and make you feel like a kid again when you wrap yourself in them. We all know that you deserve it! A quick tip when it comes to sheets is to consider buying white sheets. We love white sheets because they are crisp and clean, and you can bleach them. White sheets allow you to not have to worry about fading and also having to replace them.

Sheets (Only $33)


We prefer using multiple sources of light in our master bedroom. You can have lighting on ceiling fans, can lights, and we suggest lots of lamps too. We have four lamps in our bedroom. There are two lamps on nightstands, one standing lamp by a reading chair, and one lamp on the desk. Having several sources of light allows you to determine how much light you want in the room at a particular time. You can have all the lamps on for a bright and “get the day started” feel or a single light for that snuggle, “let’s watch a movie tonight” feel. Lamps allow you to control the space and sense of the room. Tip for lamps…they don’t all have to match. We prefer a variety of lighting because it gives your room personality and doesn't give the appearance that you bought everything straight out of a furniture showcase display.

(This is a similar option)

Bench, Chair, or Both

Consider putting a bench or chair in your bedroom as a soft spot to put shoes on or organize your purse before heading out. We have a wood bench at the foot of our bed, and it makes the perfect area to take our shoes off or on. We also have an oversized chair in our bedroom right by the window. This chair is a great spot to take some quiet time for ourselves to watch a movie, read a good book, do our devotional, or just simply take a moment to breathe and relax. A quick tip: keep a blanket close by your chair. Now if the air kicks on, a blanket is only an arms distance away that you can curl up with it.

Our bench is no longer available. Here are two suggestions.

Night Stands

In our bedrooms, we have nightstands that do not match our bed, and again we are totally A-Okay with it! Depending on your style, it is alright to have mismatched furniture in your bedroom. It’s about letting your furniture pieces tell a story. A tip for side tables: We like to have bottled water and a phone charger on our nightstands at night; however, we don’t want our side table to look cluttered and those items to be the focus. To fix this problem, we use a large picture frame on the nightstand. This way, we can hide these items but still have them close by.

(Ours is no longer available, but here is a similar choice.)

Jewelry Tray

Finally, to keep jewelry in one location, we suggest having a catchall on your nightstand. A cute tray is a great way to keep all your sacred accessories in one place before crawling into bed.

We hope after reading this post, you look at your master bedroom with a different lens. The main point of the blog is to create a place that you walk in and instantly take that deep breath. We hope some of these suggestions get you motivated to make your master bedroom a place of refuge and peace.

We would love to see your master bedroom pictures or any suggestions you have with decorating master bedrooms. Please tag us on Instagram @theoldrivernest.

Have a beautiful and blessed day,

Amber & Brooke

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