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Six Laundry Room Tips

Does anyone else feel like they never leave their laundry room? This is one of the most used rooms in the house. As much as we love our laundry room, it has a negative side to it. It seems like it is the “catch-all” room. Since our laundry rooms are a little on the smaller side, it can easily get super cluttered to messy. With a little bit of organization, you would be surprised by how much you can fit in there. Today on the blog, we are going to give you a couple of tips that every laundry room needs no matter the size. Check out the pictures below to get a couple of ideas to bring to your laundry room. Not only will this room get a little personality, but it will also be functional for you and your family.

Storage, Storage, Storage

Here are a couple of ideas for storage:

- Basket for hangers

- Galvanized totes for little hideaways

- Totes to separate folded clothes

- Large totes for separating whites, darks and delicates


Cabinets are the best to hide away detergents and cleaning supplies. Make sure you put them up high especially if you have kiddos.

Hanging Racks to Dry Clothes

This is a lifesaver especially for those articles of clothing that you can not dry. It not only gives these items their own personal space, but it also helps these articles dry a little faster.

Clear Jars Above Washer and Dryer

These are great. We use them to separate clothes pins, loose change, and lost socks.

Folding Space

It does not matter how large or small this space might be, but it will make the dreaded folding chore so much simpler. You can use the top of the washer or dryer, on top of cabinets, or even a little table. This filing cabinet serves two purposes- a folding table and filing cabinet.


A trashcan is a must in the laundry room. From taking tags off of new clothes or cleaning out the dryer vent, a trashcan definitely comes in handy.

We hope you are can take away a few of these ideas to help your laundry room stay organized and clutter-free. Please send us pictures of your laundry room at our Instagram account @theoldrivernest. We love seeing them.

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday,

Amber & Brooke

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