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Time to Activate Game Mode

Let the games begin!! When we built our home, we knew we needed a space for our kids to play with their friends and cousins. We are blessed to have a room upstairs for just the kids. Not everyone has a game room, but we hope that everyone can take away something from our post on how to organize toys, books, games, and all the fun items that kids love. Unfortunately, we have boys; therefore, most of these pictures are more boy related. Sorry....girl moms!

Five Tips When Decorating a Game Room or Playroom

1. Think About What Your Playroom Needs

What do your kids enjoy? What kind of toys do they have or the games they play? In our playroom, we have tons of Legos, games, and puzzles. We needed a space that had a table to work on Legos and open shelves to show off boys' souvenirs from vacations, baseballs, Legos, and games. We found these shelves at The Round Top Antique Festival. We love the industrial, masculine feel for the game room.

2. Relaxing Space to Spread Out, Watch Movies, and Play Video Games

We incorporated a soft couch for the boys to relax. This sofa is big enough for our entire family to stretch out and watch TV or movies. The boys have also made some incredible forts with all the pillows and blankets we have in the room.

3. Closed Shelving

We like having the best of both worlds in the game/playroom. We love our open shelves for showing off favorite things, but closed shelving for us is a must too. These shelves are perfect for hiding all the toys, books, and extras you do not want people to see.

4. Book Nook

We had a little nook when we built our house, and decided to make it a book nook. This nook is the perfect place to store all the kids reading material. We also put a small table for reading and puzzles. The table is a bit small for our boys now, but their younger cousins love sitting, looking at books, and doing puzzles.

5. Game Tables

Depending on interests and the age of your kiddos, we added a ping pong table and foosball table for the boys. These have come in handy while in quarantine! Ping pong is a family favorite and gives the boys something to do other than playing just video games. We know these tables take up space, but there are lots of options that you can fold up and put in the garage to play outside if that is better for your family.

We hope these five tips spark ideas on how you can organize a game/playroom. We would love to see your game rooms or playrooms. Please share pictures on our Instagram account @theoldrivernest.

Have a beautiful and blessed week,

Amber & Brooke

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