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Tips on Using Greenery to Decorate Your Home

Greenery in a home will never go out of style. From sage stems in a vase to small potted plants, greenery adds that fresh look and feel to any room. If you have been following us here at The Old River Nest, you know that we have talked about greenery before, and today we are bringing it back with a twist. We thought this was fitting since St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Here are 5 tips and tricks to adding greenery in unexpected and unique places in any room- “to keep it from getting pinched of course”. :)

Tip 1: Adding Greenery in a Jug instead of a Vase

We absolutely love our Pottery Barn urn our mother gave us a couple of years ago. When we say love, we mean LOVE!! We actually call it “Old Faithful” just because it is just that perfect piece that makes any picture and adds just a perfect amount of gorgeous to any spot you put it. Even though we still will use it all year round, we wanted to try something a little different and so glad we did. We added some greenery to a glass jug and WOW. Not only was it an inexpensive change, but what a change it made especially to give our home a little more of that “spring-like” feel.

Tip 2: Adding Greenery to a Wall

Thank you Fixer Upper. Not only did you introduce the famous “Shiplap”, you also inspired so many, including us, to add greenery to a wall in a unique way. Adding greenery to a wall is a great way to fill a space without it looking too crowded. It is just enough, but not too much. Does that make sense? LOL.. The best part is you can decide how much or how little you want. You can choose longer or fuller stems to fill up more space, or you can take the simplest approach just to add that little umph that wall needed. It is totally up to you and even better, you can make it work with any budget.

Tip 3: Adding Greenery to a Bed Frame

A simple garland is a beautiful way to bring greenery into a bedroom without having to add a vase. Could this not look more relaxing? Not only does this create a perfect frame arrangement, it also adds a more natural “spring” texture to any bedding.

Tip 4: An Oldie but a Goodie- Wreaths

Now, we know what you are thinking. A wreath is nothing new when it comes to adding greenery, but it is one of those “go-to” accessories that will never go out of style. A tip or trick when it comes to wreaths is trying to find a unique area to place the wreath like in an open picture frame or from a coat rack. From mirrors to front doors, there is no wrong place for a wreath. Check out the different ways we added a wreath to bring that fresh feel to any area.

Tip 5: Faux Stems in Different Places

Faux stems are everywhere now, and the best part about faux stems is that they can fit any budget. Just like the wreaths, we recommend taking a stroll around your house and see if you can find new places to add a touch of greenery. From the kitchen to your bathroom, there is no wrong way to go. We added stems to picture frames, books and even beakers throughout the house.

-- Side Tip: Tips on Defending your Hobby Lobby Receipt to your Significant Other

Tip 1- Hide it. We recommend throwing it away before he/she sees it.

Tip 2- If tip 1 doesn’t work, explain that since they are faux, you will never have to buy them again.

Tip 3- If they still are not convinced, this tip will definitely do the trick. Let them know that not only does greenery give a welcoming feel, but more importantly, faux greenery makes it easy to decorate for any season or holiday, so technically that will be less money you spend throughout the year on other seasonal decorations. :)

We hope that we gave you a little laugh and some inspiration when it comes to adding greenery to your home. It gives your home a finishing look and a touch of life. There’s something about adding greenery (even if it is a little faux) that says “complete”.

Happy Tuesday,

Amber & Brooke :)

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