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Two, Yes Two, Find It Fridays!

So, are you a mama with a girl that isn't little but isn't big yet? You know, the sweet age that they don't want a ton of toys in their room, but they aren't teenagers either.

Well, that's precisely the stage my sweet friend, Sarah's, daughter is in, and her room needed a remodel. Sarah wanted to give a "big girl" facelift to Allie's room, but not make the room look too grownup that dolls and toys can't make their way in to have a little fun.

From the feedback we got when we posted Allie's room pictures on Instagram, we guess many of you have girls in this same stage! Therefore, this week's Find It Friday, we are going to do for a girls room and one "regular" Find It Friday! Yay!

Find It Friday - How to Decorate A Girl's Room.

We no longer are attaching links to our blog post because we now have a LiketoKnow.It page!

If you are not familiar with, let us walk you through how to use it so you can see all the products we post. All the products are on the app with prices and links. All you have to do is click and purchase!

How to Get the LiketoKnow.It App:

Step One:

Go to the App Store on Your Phone. (Pictures from My Phone)

Step Two:

Once in the App Store, type in the Search Bar:

Step Three:

This is what the app looks like. I already have it on my phone so it says update. Your phone will say GET. Click the GET button. It's free.

Step Four:

Once Downloaded, in the LTK search bar type in The Old River Nest

Step Four:

You will see our name on the screen. Then just click the Follow button.

Any products we purchase or think you will like, we will upload to this page. We will be posting all the items we love to share on Instagram such as home decor, entertaining, and classic fashion.

Step Five:

You can click a picture and all the items will pop up to purchase.

Step Six:

Click on one of the items to purchase. You can either purchase the item immediately, save it as a favorite, or share it if it's something you would like others to see.

If you know anyone that would be interested in items that we like to show you, please let them know about our page. Our goal is to find products that make your lives beautiful, easy, and affordable.

Alright, now that you are following us on let me show you Allie's bedroom pictures. Sarah did such an amazing job of mixing fun finds from Walmart, Pottery Barn Teen, and Target to get this mid-century, modern, with a twist of transitional girl's room.

Head to to make see prices and links!

And...If you are like me and don't have sweet girls, we have a Find It Friday for you too! We found gorgeous traditional, neutral home decor that we are loving right now. Sharing some of our favorite finds from this week.

Both Find It Fridays are on our page.

We can't wait to see you there, Happy Shopping, and have a beautiful weekend!


Amber & Brooke :)

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