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Wardrobe Wednesday - East Magnolia Boutique

I just found the most fantastic boutique with affordable prices, perfect for you, friend!

I came across East Magnolia Bouquet on Instagram, and I love the boutique's classic, southern style.

I did a little research on the owner and the boutique for you. It's a small business owned by Kristen (above), who used to be a teacher. She married her college sweetheart and now is staying at home with her kiddos and followed her dreams of opening an online boutique for clothing and home decor.

This lady is like one of us, and I love supporting women that follow their aspirations. So, for the next few weeks, I'll be sharing a few pieces Brooke and I received from East Magnolia that I think you will love.

East Magnolia does not have a link with so, I'll share the links to all the outfits on blog posts.

It's definitely worth checking out! Just click the picture for the link.

Shirt - $32

Shorts - $44

East Magnolia Boutique Website

Happy Wednesday, friend. I will be doing LOTS of road trip laundry today...pray for me.

Love you,

amber :)

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