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Warm Up Your Living Room with Fall Décor

Who doesn’t love when the air gets a bit cooler and the trees start changing colors? Fall is in the air, and it’s time to start decorating for the season.

Fall begins when decorating and entertaining are at their peaks. From warm fall colors to Halloween décor, to Thanksgiving turkeys, and then it begins Christmas. Fall is like the start of playoffs heading into Super Bowl for anyone who loves to decorate and entertain.

We are so excited to start a short series on easy, quick, and inexpensive tips to decorate your house for fall. This week we are focusing on the living room. We hope you gain a few ideas. Let’s get started!

6 Easy Fall Decorating Tips for Your Living Room

Tip 1: Add Garland

No matter if you decorate with neutrals for fall or warm colors, there are so many options for fall garland. We suggest adding it everywhere in your home including your mantel to instantly give it a warm, autumn feel.

Oh, and garland is not just for mantels. We put foliage along with pumpkin accessories in a dough bowl, and it makes the perfect centerpiece for a coffee table. Garland makes a big impact on an inexpensive budget.

Tip 2: Fall Wreaths

We love fall wreaths! Wreaths are another way to completely change the look of your home in one easy step. By just hanging a fall wreath on our mirror and picture frame we quickly changed the theme of our entire living room. Talk about easy!

Tip 3: Fall Foliage in Lanterns or Vases

If you have lanterns or vases in your living room, add a few fall leaves to the bottom. It quickly gives your lanterns an autumn feel with hardly costing a penny.

Tip 4: Pillows

You know we cannot do a post without talking about pillows. If you are a loyal reader of our blog, you know we have a love for pillows. They are a perfect way to change the décor of your home without costing a lot of money, and fall is no different. By just changing out a few pillows with a pumpkin theme, we completely changed the look of our living room. Now it’s super cozy with all the warm, fall colors.

Tip 5: Blankets

We usually have at least one blanket in our living room for the kiddos to use. We started last year changing out our blankets with themed blankets. We found blankets at HomeGoods that are very inexpensive, and it also helped with our seasonal décor. We found this fall leaf blanket that goes with our fall theme. It’s so soft and a favorite of our kids. Just place it in a textured basket, and you have a wonderful fall piece of coziness for curling up with a book or watching TV.

Tip 6: Give the Scent of Fall to Your Home

We love a good candle, and Tyler candles are our absolute favorite. We are fans of spicy candle scents, and Warm Sugar Cookie or Cinnamon are both the perfect scents to make your homes smell like fall.

We hope these six easy, inexpensive tips encourage you to decorate your living rooms for fall. We would love to see your pictures. Please send us your fall décor pictures to our Instagram account @theoldrivernest. We would love to share them on our stories.

Happy Tuesday Friend,

Amber & Brooke

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