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When All Else Fails, Take a Bubble Bath! Tips for Decorating Your Bathrooms

Wash your hands and say your prayers because germs and Jesus are everywhere! Guess what room we are talking about today? That is right, the bathroom! Today, we are giving easy tips for any bathroom in your home. These tips are perfect in a master bath, kid’s bathrooms, powder rooms, and guest baths. 

We hope these ideas are helpful and functional. Let’s get started and “soak up” these tips!

Tip 1: Use “functional” items to decorate.

You and your family need as much space as possible when you are getting ready. Things such as hair supplies, blow dryers, etc. usually take over, so you don’t want to fill up all your counter space with just décor. Therefore, make your decorations multifunctional. We use jars in our bathrooms to hold Q-tips, make-up pads, and bath salts. These not only look great in your bathroom but are also perfect to have at your fingertips. Plus, you always know when you are getting low.

Tip 2: Use White Towels

As you are well aware, we are big fans of the color white in our homes. Can you believe it? We even love white towels!! Just like in every other room, whites are the easiest to clean. All you have to do is bleach them, and they are like new. Even better, you get more use out of them because they never fade. It doesn’t matter if the design doesn’t match because they all still flow. White towels are beautiful, clean, and crisp, and what is even better is they save you money! Now, that’s a win!

Tip 3: Tray for Jewelry

Whether it’s your husband’s wedding ring or your child’s watch, it’s always a good idea to have a certain place to put jewelry before you wash your face or take a shower. Having a tray close by the sink makes sure all jewelry is safely in one location.

Tip 4: Use This Space to Inspire

Your kids are in their bathrooms more than you think! We use the bathroom as a place to spread a little inspiration to our kiddos. We have boards hung up on their walls to share Bible quotes or inspirational notes. It’s a sweet way to let your kiddos’ know how much you care about them. It starts their day off with encouragement as well as ending their day with a positive note. With the kiddos getting older, we always try to find ways to show our support even if it is just a quick note in the morning.

Tip 5: Hooks and Baskets by the Shower or Bathtub

We like to put hooks by the shower/bathtub to help our bathroom remain clean. Hooks help to keep towels from being on the floor. In our guest bath, we have a board with multiple hooks. Multiple hooks allow each person in the family a place to put their towels. We also put a soft, fluffy white robe in our guest bath to give our guests a hotel, luxury feel. Finally, having a basket close by helps to collect all the dirty clothes and keeps your bathroom from being messy. Also, it provides a little texture and warmth to the room.

Tip 6: Make It Luxurious

You don’t have to have an abundant amount of space to make your bathroom feel like a little piece of heaven. Just adding a small bench to hold a towel, book, candle, and glass of wine when you want to take a long bath does wonders after a long day. Dimming the lights instantly provides you a relaxing feel to unwind and let your troubles slip away. We went one step further and added a TV to our bathroom. It is a treat for us to watch the news in the morning while getting ready and even better soaking in a bubble bath while watching a movie in the evening. It really comes in handy when it is bath time for the kiddos! For some reason, they no longer mind taking a bath.  

Tip 7: Keeping It Real and Guest Approved

Here are a few little tips that are not usually proper to discuss but are very appreciated in your bathrooms especially for a guest! 

- Always have extra toilet paper available especially in a powder room or guest bath. You don’t want to embarrass your guests with having to ask for more toilet paper.

- Speaking of embarrassing, have a toilet cleaner and plunger close by. We had a friend once that had to ask, and she testifies that it was the most embarrassing moment of her life. 

- Have Poo-Pourri in a visual location as well for guests to use if they need it.

- Have a tray in your guest bath with extras for your guests like extra toothbrushes, shampoo/condition, soap, floss, razors, and Q-tips. We also put aspirin, Tums, and other medicines in the tray; therefore, guests have anything they need available. 

- CRAZY ALERT!! Finally, this is just our personal preference, but have the toilet paper roll over the roll and not under the roll. It honestly just looks better. Being over the top “crazy”, we also fold the ends to make it look like a triangle when guests come over. Again, it gives it that hotel-like atmosphere.

Well, bathrooms can be tricky to decorate but just remember do not neglect the room that holds the best seat in the house. We hope these practical and useful strategies to help when it comes to planning out your bathrooms. Remember, when styling this space make sure to consider how each room is used and have décor to meet each one of those needs.

We can’t wait to see your bathrooms. Please tag your bathroom pictures on Instagram at @theoldrivernest.

Have a beautiful and blessed day,

Amber & Brooke 

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