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Why You Need Cake Junkie in Your Life

Pull up a chair and take a seat. The recommendation we are about to serve you is seriously the best of the best when it comes to delicious treats. We are honored to introduce you to Angie from Cake Junkie. Not only does Angie prepare the tastiest goodies, but the “cherry on top” is the incredible customer service Cake Junkie provides. Here are some of the reasons you need Cake Junkie in your life.

Everything is edible.

Every last bite brings on an entirely new meaning when it comes to Cake Junkie. Angie did such an amazing job on our cupcakes. They were a masterpiece from design to taste. I mean look at these cupcakes? They are gorgeous! We sent a cupcake idea that included an accent flag that would have to be thrown away and was mainly for décor. Angie took it a step even further and decided to make the flag out of fondant so every inch of the cupcake could be enjoyed.

Customer service

As we mentioned before, Angie goes over and beyond expectations and then some. She provides the best service to accommodate all clients. With COVID, Angie wants to do her best to keep her clients as safe as possible. She will bring your order out to the car for you so that no one has to enter the shop.

Endlessly Delicious

We have used Cake Junkie for multiple gatherings, and they are an absolute hit every single time. Don’t let the name fool you either. Not only do they have delicious cakes, but they also have the tastiest cookies, cakeballs, and cupcakes as well.

Please send us pictures and let us check out the next time you use Cake Junkie. We would love to share with our followers on Instagram @tholdrivernest.


Amber & Brooke

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