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Best Weekender Bags - My Favorites for Both Ladies and Men

Traveling, it's my guilty pleasure, and if I were a millionaire, I would take my children out of school, travel 24/7, and learn from the world! Okay, maybe I'm acting a little extreme, but honestly, that is how much I love it!

I got the travel love bug from my mom that doesn't like to sit still for one moment. When I was young, we would pack up and go to my Granny's almost every weekend. I remember it always felt like we were on a great adventure.

Well, even at forty, I still have that same sense of excitement when Cam and I take a weekend trip, or the family packs up for a road trip. Nothing is better than looking at the road ahead and knowing that adventure is waiting!

Cam and I recently went to Fredericksburg for a quick weekend trip for our 18th anniversary. It was short but, oh so sweet, as Fredericksburg is one of our favorite little towns to visit.

When traveling, I have a few "must take" bags, and I thought I would share those with you today. These weekenders make packing more manageable, and honestly, I think they are way cuter than just your plain average brown bag!

I hope you get some ideas, and this post helps for your next weekend holiday!

Click on the pictures for the link.

Vera Bradley Bag - $100

Do you know the story behind Vera Bradley? In 1982, two friends, Barbara and Patricia, were surrounded by nothing but black luggage in an airport. They decided right then that "travel" needed a little bit of color, and so their business began. They named their company after Barbara's mother, Vera Bradley.

Vera Bradley's mission is to connect women through a shared appreciation of meaningful beauty. They also believe that beauty goes well beyond appearance. They believe beauty is empathy, kindness, ingenuity, tenacity, thoughtfulness, and optimism.

Wow, when I was reading their story, I was so impressed!

My mom had given me a Vera Bradley years ago, and I just loved it because it could hold all my belongings and was cute. However, now that I am aware of their values, I feel honored that I owe one of their products!

The large duffel bag is a perfect size for a weekend. It can handle all my shoes and clothes but isn't so big that it's hard to carry. This bag is what I use for all weekend trips!

Malirona Bag - (On eBay for $25)

Next up is my toiletry bag, and yes, my toiletry bag is that big. This multi-purpose bag is what I use to bring along my entire bathroom for any trip!

I use it to carry my makeup bag, hairdryer, flatiron, hairspray, dry shampoo, lotions, brushes, and the list goes on and on! Oh, but you don't have to use it for this purpose. This bag would also make for a great "work" travel bag to carry your laptop, chargers, paperwork, etc... It's an all-around great find!

I love my Malirona so much because it slides on easily to rolling luggage. How great is that! Also, my mom had my name embroidered on mine, which makes my heart super happy. Again, it's these details that make traveling way more fun!

However, I have terrible news! They are all currently unavailable! These bags are on Amazon, and every one of them is sold out. I was able to find a few new ones on eBay so the pictures will link you to that post!

I guess I'm not the only one that loves these bags!

Stella and Dot Pouf - $24

Then there is this cute pouf! My sister-in-law, Amanda, sells Stella and Dot. I always love when I get a little gift from her, and one of my favorites is this pouf.

This little bag is the perfect size for my contacts, glasses, cleaning solution, etc...It's a great bag to hold all the necessities, and when I'm not using it for travel, I have it in my purse to carry my lady products.

You can't go wrong with this little treasure, and it also makes an excellent gift for a friend or teacher.

For the Guys

Bag Package - $75

Bag - $55

Toiletry Bag - $26

Finally, for the guys! I don't know about your husband, but mine isn't into carrying bags with flowers on them (what a buzz kill)! And, well, neither are my boys! They are no fun!

For Christmas a few years ago, I bought all three guys these faux leather bags and toiletry bags. Y'all, these have been the best and have held up great! And, we have done a ton of traveling with them! Their reviews are fantastic too!

The best part, they are inexpensive but still give off a polished look. They also make great gifts for husbands, Christmas, groomsmen, teen/pre-teen boys, Father's Day, etc.

You can either buy the bags individually or together. This company has several options so if you want to look at more, click the picture below!

Well, I hope you were able to get a few ideas for weekenders that will make traveling a little easier and more fun for you! I would love to see pictures from your favorite trips. Please DM me @theoldrivernest on Instagram. Brooke and I would love to get inspire for our next holiday!

I wish you the best on your next get-away weekend!

All my love,

Amber .... & Brooke :)

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