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Carrot Cake Counts as a Vegetable, Right?

This time of year is all about baking with spices, and this carrot cake recipe I tried did not disappoint! I made one yesterday, and the only person disappointment was Coop because he had to wait until I took pictures to eat it. Other than that small "disappointment" everyone thought it was a big hit!

Here is the recipe I tried. It has great reviews so we are not the only ones that love it.

This cake is moist and the perfect blend of spicy and sweet. I followed the recipe to the Tee even adding the pecans and raisins which I think brought the cake from good to absolutely scrumptious! However, if you are not fans, it would still be delicious with or without the extras. I also saw some other recipes adding coconut. Coop loves coconut so I may do that next time.

Here are a few pictures while baking the cake. Because this is not my recipe, I will only be sharing pictures with general instructions.

Step One:

Mix Dry Ingredients which consisted of flour, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt.

Step Two:

Grate 3 Cups of Carrots. It was at this moment I knew I needed to start working out. Sad to say my arms were hurting. This was the WORST part of baking the cake!

Step Three:

Pat Yourself on the back when you have finished grating all those carrots. You will feel as if you accomplished a marathon at that moment!

Step Four:

Mix Wet Ingredients: Granulated Sugar, Brown Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Eggs, and Vanilla. Also make sure to put the lid back on the vegetable oil so you don't spill oil and make a HUGE mess as I did!

Step Five:

Blend Dry Ingredients into Your Wet Ingredients. Then fold in pecans and raisins. I love both of these and think it's a great addition to the cake; however, you do not have to add.

Step Six:

My cake was a little "watery," and I was concerned but it turned out great so don't be alarmed if you feel the same way.

Step Seven:

Embrace the smell when they come out of the oven. It's glorious and makes your house smell like fall. Love!

Step Eight:

I also wrap my cakes and freeze them before icing. It makes icing the cakes so much easier.

Step Nine:

After several hours in the freezer, I made the icing from the recipe and iced the cake. I decided to do more of a naked cake look with this one. I think it looks more "fall" like!

This cake is moist and not too sweet. I think this recipe has become a new staple in our house for both Thanksgiving and Easter.

Let us know if you try this recipe. We would love to share your pictures on our IG feed @theoldrivernest.

We hope you have a sweet day friend,

Amber & Brooke :)

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