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Find It Friday

Click the picture below for the link.

Cooking Utensil Set - $23

(Now that I'm into cake decorating, it's time to update my kitchen utensils!)

Multi Hub - $50

(I'm living on my laptop right now with zooms, campus teaching, and blogging. Figured we all are on our computer more these days, and this will help.)

Makeup Storage Tower - $27

(I'm not a huge make-up gal, but for those that are...this is perfect storage.)

Mixing Bowls - $50

(I love my stackable bowls. They save so much room in my kitchen!)

Milk Frother for Lattes - $14

(I don't have this, but I'm going to give it a try. Homemade I come!)

Bluelight Glasses for Kiddos (2 Pack) - $14

(Perfect her kiddos that are homeschooling right now or moms that are on their computers all the time.)

Prayer Journal - $10

(I think this would be great if you are interested in prayer journaling.)

Target Mules - $25

(Different styles available. I have these in a different pattern, and they are my new favorite shoes.)

Game Day Bags - $20

(Great for football games...fingers crossed we still have them. Comes in multiple colors.)

Preppy Maroon Belt - $7

I wear this belt all the time (even though it's a man's belt).

Available in multiple colors and also comes in youth sizes.

Happy Friday Friends,

Amber & Brooke :)

If you are interested in more Find It Friday deals, click on the pictures below.

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