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Find It Friday - Let's Get Moving

Summertime means fun in the sun, which means....OH NO....we have to put on a swimsuit! I've had my fair share of loving life during quarantine, but it's time to get back at it and get healthy!

Today for Find It Friday, it's all about workout gear for the home and activewear, along with a few wishlist items like an Apple watch and workout bike.

I hope you can find a few items that inspire you to get outside and get moving!

All items are linked to my page. Here are the directions to get the app and link to our page.

Brooks Running Shoes - $150

I have ran 2 marathons and many halves. I ONLY run in Brooks! They are the best and it's like running on air. When I get new shoes, I literally take my old Brooks to the store and say...I need the newest version of this style. I have worn them for the past ten years, and they are the BEST!

Did I mention...they are the best?

Balega Socks - $14

Just like my shoes, I have a FAVORITE when it comes to socks. Belega socks are the only socks I run in because they have the best cushion on the bottom and mesh on top. They are the ideal socks to run and exercise in, and I cannot say enough about how much I love these!

They are a bit pricy, but I promise worth every penny!

Lululemon Dupe Shorts - $24

Great shorts, great reviews, and even better a zipper to keep your phone or keys in when at the gym or running outside.

Lululemon Dupe Tights - $25

Comes in many prints and colors, high waisted (perfect for moms), and has pockets! Ideal tights without the big price tag!

Lululemon Dupe Tank - $14

Comes in many colors/ prints and is full coverage.

Lululemon Dupe Tank - $17

Love this one with the open back. Perfect for HOT Texas days! Comes in many colors too.

Spiral Hair Ties - $7

These are the only hair ties I wear now! They don't put creases in your hair so I can go days without having a wash my hair!! (Can you say lazy?) Love, love, love them and can't say enough about them!

Foam Roller - $40

When I workout I can get super sore especially now that I'm 40! I'm no spring chicken and my legs can get really tight when I run. Foam rolling is such a good way to loosen tight and sore muscles.

Caden (my 14 year old) uses it all the time too after football and baseball games.

Sunscreen - $11

While enjoying the outdoors and moving, don't forget wrinkles are not good and either is skin cancer. Protect your skin with a good sports sunscreen and high SPF!

Visor - $25

When running, I love using a visor. I can put my hair up but I still shade my face. Having a light visor such as this white one also keeps me cool. I wear a visor every time I run because it keeps the sweat out of my eyes too. Highly recommend!

Gym Bag - $200

Even though you are going to the gym, it doesn't mean that you can't still be stylish! This bag is absolutely precious, can be used for the gym or frankly anywhere, and comes in many colors and patterns.

Exercise Bike - $1,500

Okay....this one is on my wishlist! I have a friend that has this bike and high recommends. Amy loves it! It has the same aspects of a Peloton without the price tag!

Yoga Mat - $21

This mat is a great combination cushion and stability. You also don't have to use it just for yoga. I use mine for sit ups, push ups, and stretching.

Apple Watch - $500

Okay, I might be the only person in America that doesn't have an Apple Watch! I would love one to help track mileage and calories burned while working out. Can someone message Cam and let him know this would be a excellent birthday gift?

Dumbbells - $16

It's amazing how much you can do with simple dumbbells and how sore you can get! Ha! I highly recommend these because they are sweat proof and easy to hold.

The only problem with all of these items is that you actually have to use them to see results! Ha...corny joke! I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend, friend!

Happy July 4th,

amber :)

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