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King Cake Meaning and Recipe

Right as we forgetting about our New Year's diet, here comes Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, and, well, delicious King Cake too. So what is the meaning behind this tasty treat anyway?

What is the purpose of a King Cake?

Did you know that King Cake originated from the three Wise Men bearing gifts to Jesus on the Twelfth Night? Many regions in the world associate it with Epiphany and Mardi Gras, and most people eat King Cake from January 6th (King's Day) to Fat Tuesday.

What is in a King's Cake?

King Cake is a sweet roll that is festive and oh so delicious! You make the cake from brioche dough and fill it with goodness such as chocolate, cinnamon, and cream cheese. But, what makes a king cake magical is the frosting and the icing. The cake has gold, green, and purple sprinkles on it. Talk about a sweet lover's dream! Each color brings a special meaning to the cake.

Gold - Power

Green - Faith

Purple - Justice

What, There's a Plastic Baby in It?

Yep, that's right! King cake has a plastic baby in the cake! So what in the world is that supposed to represent?

There are many theories, but I'm going to share the top two I found most common.

  1. Represent baby Jesus, the real king.

  2. Originally it was a bean or figurine, and if you found it, you were "king or queen of the ball" in historical times.

Most people now believe that if you are the lucky one with the baby, you will be "king of the day!"

So How do I Make a King Cake?

Well, you have two options! Option number one, bake it yourself! Southern Living has a delicious recipe that is not difficult at all. Click the picture for the link.

Option two, if you live in the south, you are probably lucky enough to find a King Cake in your local supermarket's bakery. That is what I did; I am a cheater! Hey, I have boys! I don't have any plastic babies hanging around!

I hope you learned something new today about King Cake! If you have any great stories to share about King Cake, I would love to hear about them in the comments.

Have a terrific Fat Tuesday,

Amber :)

Mardi Gras World

On a side note, a few years ago, we took a family vacation to New Orleans. We stayed on Bourbon Streat. I would NOT recommend this if you have small children; however, it was close to all the fantastic restaurants! At night, we walked with our hands over our children's eyes.

Anywho, we visited Mardi Gras World, and it was unbelievable! It's a behind the scenes warehouse and museum that creates Mardi Gras floats. You cannot only view what the artists are designing, but you can also tour past floats and even end the tour with King Cake. It can't get much better than that!

Click the picture for the link if you are visiting New Orleans any time soon!

Ticket Prices

Click the Picture for the Link

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