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Need a Quick Weekend Get-a-Way: Choose San Antonio

Are you feeling overworked, tired, and needing a break? Well, if you are looking for a quick, low-stress getaway in our own Texas backyard, look no further than San Antonio.

San Antonio is a treasure for Texans, especially with its landmark Riverwalk and, of course, The Alamo. As a family, we have traveled to San Antonio to visit their fantastic zoo, tour The Alamo, walk up and down the Riverwalk with ice cream, learn about sea creatures at Sea World, and have had the thrill of roller coasters at Six Flags. However, even though San Antonio is great for families and summer vacations, the city is also home to a state of the art culinary school with amazing chefs and an upcoming Pearl District filled with shopping, excellent restaurants, and a great vibe for a couple's weekend trip.

Cam had a conference in San Antonio this past week. Because in the spring, we seem to divide and conquer during our boys' baseball season and tax season (Cam's an accountant), I decided to tag along for the rest and quality time with him. Even though he was in conferences most of the day, we managed to squeeze in a few activities and recharge our batteries.

I have visited San Antonio often. I went to college at Texas State (for only a semester) and would visit often. I have attended bachelorette parties there, couples trips, teaching conferences, and family vacations. However, what makes San Antonio unique is that you can always do something different. And well, for this trip, it was about relaxation, quality time, and food!

San Antonio Weekend Get-a-Way

Hotel: Marriot Riverwalk

Our room was at the Marriott Riverwalk. We did not choose this hotel, it hosted the conference, and the room was part of the accommodations. However, I have visited this hotel before, and since Covid, they have done a complete remodel of the rooms. It sits on the Riverwalk, which gives you easy access and connects to the Riverwalk Mall for shopping.

The Alamo is a block away, and besides the Pearl District, Cam and I walked everywhere we went. Honestly, I'm not sure this would be the hotel I would stay at if I was going for a family vacation because it is primarily a "conference" style hotel. Still, the hotel was clean, fully accommodated with an indoor and outdoor pool, had a fully equipped gym, and a great cafe to grab coffee and snacks throughout the day.

River Walk

During the day, Cam was in classes, so I took advantage of the time alone to work and work out! However, we would head down to the Riverwalk for a beer, margarita, and some delicious chips and salsa in the evenings. You can't go to San Antonio without strolling along the river and taking a boat tour. Very touristy, yes, but also so sweet and a part of our Texas History.

The Palm

Cam is a foodie, MAJOR foodie! Sometimes our vacations are planned around places he has seen on TV to eat! Yes, I'm serious! We have never been to The Palm, a restaurant located street level by our hotel, so we decided this was the perfect time to go and check it out!

Oh yall, this place was incredible, and since we were celebrating, we went all out!

We started by splitting a melt-in-your-mouth wedge salad, a glass of wine, and for Cam, an Old Fashion. Then Cam chose a prime rib steak, and I had sea bass with spinach for dinner. We couldn't go without dessert, Creme Brule, and one of our favorite dessert cocktails, Carajillo. It's a Mexican spiked coffee that is unbelievable as a dessert cocktail. I highly recommend!

We were stuffed but oh so satisfied! The service was exceptional, we loved the dark, New York steakhouse vibe, and the food was out of this world.

We finished up the night with a stroll street-level around The Alamo and then back to the hotel.

The Pearl District

The next day after Cam's classes, we headed to the Pearl District. The Pearl District is an entirely different vibe than you are used to in San Antonio. Its grounds are home to the historic Pearl Brewery, which operated from 1883 to 2001. The brewery completely transformed into a neighborhood with a boutique hotel, Hotel Emma, and shopping and restaurants.

This spot is incredible for anyone that loves history and design. The hotel and restaurants geared the atmosphere around the brewery, keeping exposed vintage tile, concrete columns, and barrel vaults. The architecture and decor alone will take your breath away! There are also farmer's markets on Saturdays, live music, and water pads during the summers for kids to play. It has an incredible urban vibe, and you don't even realize you are in San Antonio.

If I'm honest, I enjoyed this part of the get-a-way the best. I loved its modern, relaxed environment. The food was delicious, and I appreciated the shopping too. Most of the restaurants have seating outside; there are gorgeous water foundations and beautiful foliage to soften the vintage vibe of the brewery. It's romantic, and next time Cam and I plan a trip, this is where we will stay. However, be prepared, the restaurants are usually packed and wait times can be long if you are visiting during a busy time.

We found this incredible restaurant called, The Broiler House which literally was the broiler room at the brewery. We sat at the bar and had a light lunch and drink. We couldn't have asked for a better experience or service.

Cam order the salmon crepes that melted in your mouth, seriously. Oh my goodness they were delicious! I order the spinach salad with chicken which was light, flavorful, and the chicken was cooked to perfection.

Even though our trip was short and sweet, San Antonio, as always, did not disappoint and was the perfect place to reconnect. We finished the trip off with a blizzard from Dairy Queen on the way home, and we are now ready to begin the summer with our boys.

If you have any questions about the places we visited in San Antonio, please ask in the comments below or DM me at @theoldrivernest. I would love to help with your next trip.

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed start to your week,

amber :)

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