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Affordable Items to Help You Organize Your Pantry

Let's talk pantries friend!

This past fall, I decided that I had enough of an unorganized pantry and was determined it was time to get in there, get organized, and feel free of the clutter.

Today, I'm sharing the tips and tricks I used, along with some finds from Amazon that made my pantry a place that I now enjoy.

All the items I used are on my page. For directions on how to download the app please click below.

From the Fall:

We asked during quarantine what would you guys like us to talk about on our blog, and organizing the pantry kept coming up. Whoa, Nelly....that was one that we didn't want to do! :) Ha!

I finally built up the courage and got myself in there. Y'all I'm frankly embarrassed with how bad I had let my pantry go. There were items in there that had expired in 2017! Yes...that's right...2017! So let's just say, my pantry was definitely in need of a cleanout.

After 9 (yes....9) bags of trash, my pantry looks just like it did when I moved in, and I couldn't be happier! I also bought a few items off of Amazon that really helped me set up and make everything neat and orderly. I thought I would share with you, in case you are ready to tackle your pantry soon.

Pantry Organizing Tips

Tip One: Before you even begin, go through your entire pantry. Pull out everything and place it on a table or countertop. Look at the expiration dates and throw away any items you no longer need or have expired.

Tip Two: Categorize your items. Use an accessible location for most-used foods. Less used items, rarely used appliances, etc...can put on higher or lower shelves.

Once you have these two tips completed, you are now ready to start putting what is left back in the pantry. I used the organization bins below to help keep chips, cans, cereals, spices, breads, etc...organized.

Spice Organizer

This shelf is perfect for me to organize my spices and see everything I have in the pantry.


Larger Food Containers

I put flour, sugar, powder sugar, brown sugar, marshmallows, chocolate name it...if I have a large quantity of it, it's going in one of these. And the chalkboard stickers make me so happy...gotta love a label!

$28 (Set of 4)

Plastic Bin Organizer

I order my food by binds. This is the oil bind, I have a rice bind, corn bread/ muffin bind, etc...I like have a "home" for all my cooking items. It makes it easy to find everything when I'm busy making dinner.

$27 (Set of 2 / These are also stackable)

Plastic Bin Organizer with 4 Sections - $30 (Set of 4)

These smaller binds are perfect for bars, snacks, and packaged seasonings. I even used a few to put small containers of spices such as nutmeg and tartar.

Can Organizer - $21

This is probably my favorite organization item because it saves me so much space. If we don't have a lot of can goods, I will also put individualized mac and cheese bowls on the shelves.

Also remember, you don't always have to buy things either. For example, I used baskets from the attic to organize chips, bread, and snacks.

With the baking season in full swing and Thanksgiving right around the corner, I'm so happy I have an organized pantry. This will really help my frame of mind when the busy holiday season begins. So we hope and pray that we were able to give you a little inspiration to get in your pantry and get it organized!

If you have your pantry organized, please send us pictures on Instagram @theoldrivernest. We would love to share to inspire the rest of The Old River Nest Family!


Back to the Present:

Even though we are presently in the summer...this is the perfect time because schedules aren't too busy! You can do this...the first step is just get in there and start! I promise you will be so happy once it's all complete!

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday organizing.


amber :)

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