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Spring Break Ideas for Kids

In a few days, it will be Spring Break! Last year when we picked up the kiddos, we never imagined that we would be homeschooling them for the remainder of the school year. It's crazy how time flies.

Spring Break is when we get excited to have the kids home from school and a time for us to let loose and enjoy the warmer weather and free schedule. Our husbands are usually busy with work, leaving us to plan and organize a few kids' activities while at home. And, honestly, we love that it gives us a few days to be with the kids on our own!

But Before We Begin...When Did Spring Break Even Start?

Well, we are glad you asked that question! After a bit of research, we found out in the 1930s, in the United States (along with a few other countries), universities and schools started a vacation period. By 1938, Florida seized this opportunity, and Fort Lauderdale began hosting a College Swim Coaches' Forum with swimming competitions. This competition started a poolside theme, and well, we can say the rest is history. Spring Break is now full swing at most schools and universities, and it's a time for kids to let loose and enjoy the warmer weather and sunshine. As much as we would all love to go to Florida and hang out on the beach, unfortunately, our wallets don't allow it. Also, with Covid and restrictions, it makes traveling difficult. Therefore, to make spring break a little easier for you, we came up with ideas you can do with your kids at home, outside of the house, and a few ideas for your teens. We hope these activities help you get out, spend time with your kiddos, and make lasting memories.

We also made a printable to check off items you do with your kids. The printable is at the bottom of the page. However, before we begin our list, here are two tips to get your kids excited about the week.

Two Quick Tips

Tip One: When you pick the kids up from school or when the bus drops them off, decorate for spring break. Last year, we decorated the inside of the car with streamers and balloons. We also had noisemakers, so it made it even more exciting to start the break. The kiddos loved it!

Tip Two: Have the kids make a spring break poster. I get a large poster board and let the kids write all kinds of activities they would like to do over the break. Then I pick a few and make sure we do them. This poster helps to plan activities that you know the kids will love.

Art projects are always a big hit too. Here is an easy idea to make a bird feeder.

Bird Feeder

Emmy and Cooper made bird feeders out of toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, and bird seed. Emmy made the traditional feeder with peanut butter and birdseed.

Coop took a "take control approach" and made his style with a hot glue gun, wax paper, toilet paper rolls, and birdseed.

Either way, the kids enjoyed the process, and it provides a little treat to the birds! let's get started with our list activities!

Activities While at Home

Camp in the Backyard

Plant a Garden or Flowerbed

Paint Rocks and Put Around Town

Ride Bikes

Stargaze in the Backyard

Fly a Kite

Have a Picnic in the Backyard

Family Movie Night

Bake Together

Do a Puzzle

Game Night

Activities Outside of the Home

Camping at a Park

Go to a Museum


Go to the Movies

Go Fishing

Take a Hike at a Park

Go to a Farmer's Market

Have a Picnic at a Park

Go to a Baseball Game

Eat at a New Restaurant

Activities for Teens:

Have Friends Come over to Hang Out


Go to the Mall

Play Golf

Go to a Skate Park

Below is a printable for you to scratch off items as you complete them! Just take a screenshot, copy it onto a word document, and print.

We would love for you to take pictures and show us the activities you do with your kiddos. Please DM us photos so we can showcase them on our Instagram page @theoldrivernest.

We hope these activities give you a few ideas, so you can slow down and spend time with your family!

Happy Spring Break,

Amber & Brooke :)

A few pictures from past Spring Breaks!

If you live in Texas, Waco is a great option. Waco has the Dr. Pepper Museum, The Texas College Hall of Fame, Texas Rangers Museum, a zoo, and of course, Magnolia Market.

In Houston, we love visiting the Museum of Natural Science, the aquarium, and the zoo.

San Antonio offers Sea World, the Alamo, a wonderful zoo, and the River Walk.

And if you are just staying at home...the kids love skate parks, hiking, flying kites, and dyeing Easter eggs.

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