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Tips for Classic, Minimal Style

With Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok, it seems like fashion and "what's in style" are constantly changing at a rapid speed. I think you can agree that dressing trendy can be fun; however, if you are going with a classic style, you have to be cautious with incorporating too many trendy pieces.

Today, I'm sharing a few tips on how to achieve a classic, minimum wardrobe.

Picture by The Old River Nest

Don't Get Too Happy with Trends.

If you want to appear trendy yet classic, I suggest adding a few modern pieces and keeping the rest of your outfit classic. Here is a perfect example from my style icon, Olivia Palmero. Here she has three accessories that are trendy but she kept the rest of the outfit one color to not overwhelm her look.

Picture from Pinterest

Here is another example of incorporating a trendy piece (the shoes) but keeping a classic style with color.

Picture from Pinterest

Keep Your Accessories Simple.

I love good statement earrings, but if you want to keep your outfits classic, I suggest keeping your accessories simple. Here are a few suggestions:

Earrings: studs, silver or gold small hoops, or pearls. Nothing too big.

Bracelets: Gold and Silver Bangles. I would choose one large bracelet or several all grouped.

Necklace: Gold and Silver, Pearls, Diamond Solitaire, or a Cross Necklace. A grouping is okay that is small and delicate.

Rings: Heirlooms are great, bands, diamonds, and if you are from Texas, your Aggie (or college) ring is a classic piece too.

Scarf: I love silk scarves. They can add personality to a basic outfit.

Shoes: Remember, shoes are an accessory as well. Again, shoes are a great way to add a bit of personality to your outfit; however, if you want a classic style, I suggest keeping them neutral with browns, khaki, creams, and blacks. Oh, and I feel leopard shoes are also neutral.

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

Here is a classic outfit. If you notice, the accessories are very minimum.

Picture from Pinterest

**SHOE TIP**I recommend choosing shoes with a pointed or square toe. They look more polished.

Round Toe

Square Toe

Pictures from Pinterest

Can you see a difference?

Neutrals are Your Friend

Think about iconic women in fashion: Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. If you research their style, you will notice that they keep their outfits simple and color choices basic. Keeping your outfits with basic colors and only two (no more than three) hues together will create a timeless look.

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

Choose Structure Items that Fit Well

For a timeless style, choose structured clothing that fits well. Examples of structured fabrics are cotton, wool, linen, and silk. A crisp white button-down shirt comes to mind when I think about structured pieces.

You also don't want to choose too big or too small pieces. Fit is essential, and selecting items that fit you well is necessary. I would even suggest getting your clothes tailored if it's an item that you know you will keep for many years.

Picture from Pinterest

**FIT TIP** Another suggestion would be to get your classic pieces dry cleaned. Being in crisp, ironed clothes make you look more elegant. Wrinkled clothes are a big NO-NO for a traditional style.

Don't Forget About Your Hair, Nails, and Makeup.

We have discussed color, clothes, accessories, and fit, but don't forget about your hair too. It's pretty apparent that if I suggest keeping your clothes basic, then it's essential to do the same with your hairstyle.

It's important to spend time on your hair and take the time to style it. Of course, that doesn't mean it has to be curled and down every day, but a sleek bun or ponytail can do the trick, too, if time is limited.

**HAIR TIP** When at home, I'm all about throwing my hair up in a messy bun; however, if I'm going for a classic style, I would suggest keeping it sleek. It will give you a more polished look.

Messy Bun

Sleek Bun

Pictures from Pinterest

See the difference?

And, just like everything else, remember to keep your makeup simple too. You can always create a pop but focus on one feature. For example, either do a smokey eye while keeping your lips more neutral or choose a pop of color on your lips with more subtle eye colors. I know these are minor details, but they make a difference in your classic look.

Smokey Eye with Neutral Lips

Red Lips with Neutral Eyes

Pictures from Pinterest

Finally, nails! Keep the color of your nails simple, short, and manicured. Overly trendy nail colors, patterns, and lengths will not give you a classic look. Remember, it's always about keeping everything simple and polished.

Picture from Pinterest

Having a Classic Look Doesn't Have to Be Expensive.

Believe it or not, you don't have to break the bank to have a classy wardrobe. Of course, we would all love a closet full of designer clothes; however, many stores have quality clothing that's well made for great prices. It's just all about choosing the right colors and fabrics, and you can have a closet full of classic pieces.

**STORE TIP** A few stores that have a classic look that will not break the bank are J.Crew Factory, The Gap, Banana Republic Factory, Old Navy, Chicwish, and even the Free Assembly and Time Tru brands, at Walmart have classic pieces.

Remember...You Do You

Okay, I know you probably think, my goodness, no color, no flare, no grit, classic is boring, but I entirely don't see it this way! Classic style is timeless and elegant. The way you dress and frankly present yourself speaks volumes of who you are, so remember that your clothing is a language itself.

However, please do not think that classic style is the only way to beautiful style. I am a little biased because minimal classic is my favorite fashion. However, as I said before, clothing is a language, and it's a way for us to express ourselves and our beliefs. Life would be pretty dull if we were all the same and all dressed alike, so most importantly, you do you with style, and I'll do me. BUT, if you are wanting to achieve a classic look, I suggest following a few of these tips.

I would love to see your personal style! Please send me pictures of your favorite outfits on Instagram @theoldrivernest, or you can add them to the comments below.

Happy Styling,

amber :)

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