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Transitioning an Orange Cardigan from Summer to Fall

Anyone else ready for fall? I'm so ready to start wearing sweaters and absolute favorite and uniform during the fall season, but until then here are a few ways to transition this cardigan from late summer to fall.

Click on the picture for the link. Some of the pieces are no longer available so I found similar options for you. Happy "Soon to Be" Fall Y'all!

Time and Tru Cardigan (multiple colors) - $14

Outfit One:

White T-shirt - $10

Bluejean Shorts - $25

Target Shoes - $25

Time and Tru Jeans - $20

Shoes - $95

Earrings - $29

Hat - $17 (on sale)

Outfit Two:

Gap Dress - $36 (on sale right now)

Sandals - $80

Tights - $12

Boots - $190

Earrings - $27

Outfit Three:

Shirt - $9

Black Jeans - $17

Shoes - $15

Earrings - $17

I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration for your fall wardrobe.

Have a beautiful and blessed day friends,


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