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Walmart Pullover - 3 Ways - Wardrobe Wednesday

Yall, since I'm not working this semester, I have been living in athleisure wear almost every day! I started thinking about using some of the pullovers for outfits other than just with my black tights, and if you are a athleisure gal, you probably completely understand.

Today, I am showing you how to take a low-cost athleisure pullover from Walmart I purchased this week into three outfits without tights! It's incredible how a few high-end accessories can jazz up an outfit!

These outfits are definitely high/low combinations! I hope these outfits help give you inspiration on how to dress up some of your everyday wear!

Some pieces are no longer available. I tried to find a suitable alternative. Click on the picture for the link.

Walmart Pullover - $10

This pullover is unavailable online; however, I purchased it this week in the store!

Striped Button-down - $20

White Jeans - $32

Bamboo Shoes - $21

Jeans - $19

Belt - $890

Shoes - $80

Bag - $1,180

Skirt - $20

Shoes - $75

Purse - $88

And of course...tights are always a staple! :)

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday Friend,

Amber & Brooke :)

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