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Wardrobe Wednesday - Boo T-shirt

Who doesn't love a good graphic t-shirt...especially this cute shirt we bought from Walmart. It's the perfect inexpensive, little tee to wear for Halloween.

Here are five different looks on how to wear this shirt. We know Halloween season is almost over, but these looks would work with any graphic tee. We hope you like them! :)

5 Ways to Wear a Graphic Boo T-shirt

Some items may be similar to the picture due to being out of stock. Click on the picture for the link.

Let's Meet for Lunch Halloween Outfit

Boo T-shirt - $23

(this is similar option. I bought mine in the store, and I can't find it online.)

A tip...we usually size up on t-shirts and if it's a slim fit then we size up twice.

Elizabeth Wilson Shirt - ON SALE for $25 (regularly $80)

I bought a medium, but it was a bit too big.

I'm 5'4 and a size 6. I hope this helps with sizing.

Tretorn - $135

These are my favorite sneakers to wear with outfits.

Mom Halloween Outfit

Old Navy Denim Jacket - $40

Black Denim Jeans - $17

Leopard Flats - $70

I've had these for years! They are worth every penny!

Halloween Date Night Outfit

Express Wide Leg Jeans - On SALE $40 (Regularly $80)

White Blazer - ON SALE $90 (Regularly $130)

I'm Staying At Home for Halloween Outfit

Amazon Tight - $25

These are my favorite tights in the whole wide world! They feel like silk and are slimming too!

Vest - $24

Just a Regular Day Outfit

Time and Tru Jeans - $18

One of my favorite jeans....but FYI they are very high waisted.

We hope you have a boo-tiful Wardrobe Wednesday friend,

Amber & Brooke :)

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