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Website Update

Hey ma'am! I hope you have been doing well, and so sorry I haven't been around in awhile.

I have been working on my website and have given it a little makeover. I absolutely love blogging but am shifting to be your go-to place for deals with fashion and home decor. I will continue to blog and provide easy tips for around your home, but instead of randomly sending blog post, I'm just going to post one newsletter a week about what is going on at The Old River Nest.

This newsletter will allow you to pick and choose what options you would like to view. This way I'm not junking up your email.

I hope you enjoy this new approach, and as always, THANK YOU so much for supporting me and my little hobby. You have NO IDEA how incredibly grateful I am for each of you.

Love you all,

amber :)

The Week Of August 8th

Click the Picture to View the Page

My website got a makeover. Click to see the new format!

Shop My Style Page

On the "Shop My Style Page" I will post any items that I have purchased to wear or use to decorate. Everything will be linked to my @tholdrivernest.

Weekday Deals

On this page, not only will I share Find Its Friday finds, but I also will share deals I find throughout the week.

Monday - Monogram Monday

Tuesday - Target Tuesday

Wednesday - Walmart Wednesday

Thursday - Throwback Thursday

Friday - Find It Friday

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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