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Create a Father's Day to Remember

The men in our lives are aged to perfection, so our gifts need to be as well! Are you tired of

giving the same type of gifts for Father's Day each year? Your husband or dad has all the shirts they need, all the tools you can imagine, and, well, all the golf and sporting stuff, too! Are you struggling to come up with that one-of-a-kind gift that will show how much you appreciate

them? Well, you are not alone, and that is all the reason to change it up this year and give an

EXPERIENCE to your dad or husband instead of a gift. And, well, a bourbon tasting night is just the treat! Not only does your husband/father get a night to relax with friends, but he will

learn a little something too!

Bourbon Tasting Night

There are numerous ways to create a tasting event, and since I am no expert on bourbon, I

decided to call in a few experts from 1844 Liquor Market a boutique liquor and spirits shop in Brenham, TX. Jared and Elliot, owners of the shop, brought four bourbons with different variations, price ranges, and distillery locations. I also purchased several fun items to give the entire experience to the guys. A few clever cocktail napkins, stirrers, and acrylic whiskey glasses from Hermann Furniture were just the touch to make the night a success.

Next, I decided to created a spread of crackers, pickles, olives, almonds, and cheeses for the

guys to nibble on between bourbons to cleanse their palettes. A cracker and cheese spread is

significant for the tasting, and here is a little tip- don't use fancy crackers. Regular saltine

crackers are best to clear their palettes.

Jared and Elliot decided to mix it up slightly and not show the men the labels before the tasting.

This blind tasting gave the gentlemen a chance to learn and find their preferences without

knowing the location or cost of the bourbon. I furnished tasting pads from Hermann Furniture for the guys to take notes. Not only were these helpful to take notes on during the tasting, but

they could take them home as well.

Elliot and Jared were incredibly knowledgeable during the tasting. First, they had the guys

smell, swirl, and taste the bourbon. Elliot gave tips on how to smell the bourbon and look for

different flavors coming through. Then the guys would add water to the bourbon, which

surprisingly completely changed the liquor even if it was just a tiny drop. Their final taste was

with an ice cube which again changed the smell and taste of the drink.

I was nervous if Cam would enjoy the night, but I couldn't have been more pleased with how this party turned out. Not only did the guys have a good time just visiting, but they all left with

new knowledge and memories. What happiness it brought me to see my husband get to relax,

enjoy friends, and finally get to take a chance to do something for himself. I don't think it was just Cam either, you can see it on his friend, Joey's, was a great night!

To end the evening, Jared and Elliot taught the guys the perfect recipe for an Old Fashion, ate BBQ and played poker.

If you are like me, you see your husband work long hours to provide for his family, make

multiple sacrifices, be a positive role model, and carry a heavy load to give the

best life to his family. What better way to tell him THANK YOU than to offer an experience he

will remember forever!

If you have any questions about hosting a bourbon night, please feel free to ask in the

comments or DM me @theoldrivernest on Instagram.

Happy Monday Friend,

amber :)

A few tips if you host a Bourbon Night:

Tip One: Limit your guest list and liquor. I would say 4 to 5 guys are best. You want to have a good conversation and discussion. Also, limit to 4 to 5 bottles. The goal is not to get drunk but to taste and learn.

Tip Two: If you cannot find an expert to host the tasting, you can always do a blind tasting with a few friends and discuss which one you like best and pricing at home. Making a reservation to visit a local distillery if a home tasting is not an option is another option.

Tip Three: Finally, you don't have to limit it to bourbon! Beer, wine, whiskey are all great choices. Choose a beverage that best suits your husband/dad's tastes the best.

Gift Tip:

If you want to add a gift, you can create a basket filled with bourbon favored items and a few sweet extras. A bourbon.cookbook, bourbon flavored seasoning, bourbon soy sauce, poker set, stirrers, bitters, and even a few acrylic glasses would be the perfect touch. I found all these items at Hermann Furniture Emporium in Brenham, TX.

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