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Five Tips for Creating a Beautiful Tablescape

The Old River Nest

When you create a beautiful scene for a gathering, it makes all the difference. It doesn't matter if it's a small setting for a few friends or a large family crowd; creating beautiful tables is another way to let your guests know how much you love them!

The Old River Nest

Easter is right around the corner, so I thought I would share a few foolproof tips for creating a stylish tablescape.

Five Tips to Create a Beautiful Tablescape

The Old River Nest

One: Consider the Context and Brainstorm

Before planning the details, consider the time of year and the gathering context. Think about the occasion, the season, the color scheme, and even the type of dinnerware you want to use. For example, if it's an intimate bridal shower, you will want to bring out the china. On the other hand, if it's a large wedding shower, you may want to choose elegant paper products for easy cleanup.

The season also plays a significant factor in helping with flower selections and the party's feel. Similarly, a Christmas dinner party will have a completely different intention than a Fourth of July dinner party.

The Old River Nest

Two: Create A Focal Point and Centerpiece

Now that you have the context of the party nailed down think about the centerpiece and focal points to highlight the season. The size and amount of decor items will determine your dinnerware selections. I love using placemats for my tables; however, they come in all forms and sizes. Your centerpiece will decide the shapes of the placemats and arrangement options. You will need to determine if you will use a placemat and charger, just a charger, napkins on the plate, napkins on the side, etc...

The Old River Nest

Quick Tip: I think seasonal flowers are always a win! They bring life to your table and a pop of color. And, you don't have to spend a ton of money on your arrangement! I purchased these spring flowers from our local grocery store and put them in a white pitcher. You can do one larger display or use smaller vases to have bouquets throughout the table. Quick, easy, and still beautiful!

The Old River Nest

Another Tip: Don't create a centerpiece that is so large people cannot see or visit across the table. I love a beautiful table, but if no one can talk to each other, your friends and family will not have much fun!

Three: Layer, Layer, Layer

I suggest grounding your table with a tablecloth, and I'm pretty adamant about using a fabric cloth. Whether it's linen, polyester, patterned, or solid, a fabric cloth gives your table a stylish look even if it's a casual occasion. Then begin your layers with runners, placemats, chargers, dinnerware, and napkins.

The Old River Nest

Four: Mix It Up

If everything matches perfectly, your table will be boring! Don't be bland! So many party companies make gorgeous paper products, so even if you are having an elegant gathering, you don't have to match everything. Instead, generate interest and think about the element of texture.

For example, my Easter table is for my immediate family, so I wanted to create a casual feel. I decided to keep it easy with a paper runner, beautiful paper placemats, plastic utensils, and paper plates. Brooke, my sister, made these chargers for me, and I used green glassware I found while thrifting at Goodwill. Even though none of the products match, the mixed elements give the table a relaxed feel.

The Old River Nest

Five: Remember Details

Since this was for my family, I included these wooden Easter eggs that I have had since the boys were babies. I decorate with these eggs every year, so they are very special to our family, a sentimental detail. Some of the "details" I have used in the past were old pictures, place cards, and vintage pieces/heirlooms family members have given me.

The Old River Nest

I also love including a little "thank you" takeaway on my tables. Since this was for family, I used chocolate eggs, one of the boys' favorite candies. In addition, you can give away baked goods or even give a small gift. Some of the favorite gift ideas are nail polish, travel tissues, embroidered towels, or monogrammed zip bags for a purse.

The Old River Nest

I hope these five tips give you inspiration for your next gathering and tablescape!

Below I'm giving one more tip for party planning that I feel is worth mentioning.

Organization Matters

Remember to purchase your items a week ahead if you are shopping in person and two weeks if online to allow time for all the things to arrive. Also, if you are using serving ware and glassware, make sure to have everything washed well before the party, with arrangements created and linens pressed well before the party begins!

You want your guests to have a good time and enjoy themselves, but YOU NEED to ENJOY it too! You were the one that put in all the deserve to have fun also!

If you do not organize your table decor, it will produce a lot of stress! Please don't do that to yourself....believe me, it's not fun. I'm speaking from experience here!

The Old River Nest

Wow...this was a long post, but I'm hoping you were able to take away a few ideas to help with table styling. Wishing you a blessed Easter, and I hope you have the most beautiful tablescape celebrating Christ's resurrection!

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If you create a tablescape, please send me a picture on IG at @theoldrivernest. I would love to see it! :)

Many Blessings, Friend,

amber :)

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